I’ve been blogging for years in the world of livejournal, and prior to that on diaryland. I’ve always used blogging as more of a personal tool; it’s been my memory and it’s kept me honest about where I’m going in general. As more and more friends try to establish their own online presence, not as a part of a community but independently, I begin to see the advantages.

So what can I say about me really? I’m a Systems Analyst (the real description of what I do is tedious and difficult, so I will spare you). I am taking nursing pre-req classes, and hope by 2010 to be blogging about nursing school in earnest. I am an amateur drummer, amateur craftsperson, and well, just a dilettante. I love music. I go to shows and I listen and obsess over the metadata I have stored up in iTunes. And as noted, try to play a little.

The following poem has been my go-to for years for an “info” page, and I feel like it hasn’t lost its significance. From Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters:

143. Hortense Robbins

My name used to be in the papers daily
As having dined somewhere,
Or traveled somewhere,
Or rented a house in Paris,
Where I entertained the nobility.
I was forever eating or traveling,
Or taking the cure at Baden-Baden.
Now I am here to do honor
To Spoon River, here beside the family whence I sprang.
No one cares now where I dined,
Or lived, or whom I entertained,
Or how often I took the cure at Baden-Baden!