I surely can not be the only one!!!

Okay ladies I am a Navy wife of a man who is not going to be home much within the next year. This poses a problem to my family, well the kids and I!   I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old that I want to cook and make healthy quick and easy dinners for, this is really hard without making so much that I could feed the neighbors kids every night.    My daughter does not like anything remotely spicy and my son does not like bread. That is pretty much it so far!   

Fall 2009 TV Season: What's Good, What's Bad?

The Fall 2009 TV season is just a few weeks away.  As all you TV junkies sample all those new shows, let us know what you think of them.

Photography and Walking

I just discovered a blog of women who are combining walking and photographing. It's called Creatively Fit. Very cool to "see" other women's morning walks. It's also great motivation for finding time to get a walk in. You can check them out at... http://photophit.blogspot.com/  Do you photograph when you are out walking? 

One Year Olds?

Okay, you might laugh at me, but I am looking for activities for mature 1 year olds.  I have my son and two babies that I watch and I love it!  But I am looking for more.  These are very mature kids tat are all walking (sometimes running!) and have some words.  They are all advanced physically so we are open to physical games.  We do all of the normal things - put things in the mouth, play in the mirror, take walks and explore all of the leaves, etc, build towers, play dolls, and a lot more...

I Believe in Bedtime, Baby

Bedtime is my favorite time of day. I look forward to bedtime throughout the day, the feeling of my sheets, my favorite pillow. Ah, coo. I don't remember if I fought bedtime as a child, but I'm sure I probably did. Kids are weird -- they don't mind frigid water if they want to swim, they don't mind melted chocolate if they're hungry. They certainly will resist sleep even if their eyes are at half-mast and they're fussing like babies. ...more

Ah, bedtime.  I think sleep is one thing that parents talk about more than anything.  At ... more

Let him cry

I really, REALLY, hate it when my husband is right. This is probably mostly due to the fact that I don't like to admit when I'm wrong. Me, wrong? Psh. Sadly, it turns out that I can't be right all of the time and, though I often like to boast of my mad intuition and superspectacular parenting skills to those who feel the need to offer me free advice, even I can fall prey to the beguiling of my precious. ...more

I'm with ya!  We let our son cry it out after eight months of waking up between 2-5 times a ... more

Does anyone still shoot film?

I'm sure everyone has heard the news of Kodak retiring Kodachrome film today. Although the inevitable Paul Simon references have already gotten boring, and I have personally never used Kodachrome film because I never had the equipment nor the skill level to do so, I think we can all agree that some iconic and impressive imagery has been recorded with Kodachrome over the years. With that, I ask: does anyone here still shoot film as well as digital? What do you use film for as compared to what you shoot with digital?

I can't figure out blogher. I really want to. I want in on this lol. Help?

I can't figure out blogher. I really want to. I want in on this lol. Help? ...more
Why? Your username is awesome! :) more

What a cool idea!

My house is a 1930's Craftsman style and I have mostly vintage furniture and objects in it.  Magazines and games from the period, books, music.  I just love it as a concept, but it looks pretty too and everyone who visits loves it. Nothing was very expensive, mostly ebay and flea market purchases, but so much fun to work with.

When Did You Switch to an Green Lifestyle?

It might sound cliche, but I really started to switch to a sustainable lifestyle when I first saw 'Inconvenient Truth'.  The fact that my family's decisions could impact the future of the Earth really shook me up.  I can see and feel the differences in the environment. We started slow, replacing conventional food with organic food and bought washcloths to replace paper towel.  We started making more food and using less packaged food.