Director Jill Soloway Talks Afternoon Delight: A Raw Look at Modern Motherhood and Women in Film

Afternoon Delight -- which nabbed director Jill Soloway the honor of Best Director at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival -- is the kind of movie that you don't get to just watch and forget about on the ride home. Sympathetic, funny, and well acted, it gets under your skin and into your pores, and it makes you think about the big things in a way few stories do. ...more
Can't wait to see this movie! Love her! And love this interview and the video. Thanks, Morgan!more

Interview: "Blue's Clues" Creator Angela Santomero Launches Two Shows Via Amazon Instant Video

Angela Santomero has saved my butt on more than one occasion. As the creative force behind Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood she's given me much needed ammo for potty training, calming down toddlers, getting my daughter to wait patiently, and so much more....more

Too Fat To Cheer? CBS Houston Polls Readers On Cheerleader's Weight

Kelsey is a dancer for the OKC Thunder Girls with an enviable physique. But this week, she's not getting press for her moves between quarters. Rather, she's the subject of ridicule by CBS Houston (in a post that stated that they're simply reporting the "word on the streets of OKC") for being too chunky to cheer. Or is she? Claire Crawford, the writer at CBS Houston who took on this hard-hitting story, wasn't ready to make a solo judgement....more
Whoops looks like I get to be the terrible person here. I think she's fat. Sorry, but I do. ...more

Think You're Too Old For A Music Festival Like Coachella? Think Again.

Despite all of us being over thirty, we thought it would be insanely fun to join our good buddies who were performing at the Coachella Music Festival for some old timey roll-in-the-mud fun. We were right....more
@Jane Collins Haha, yeah -- cost efficient it is not, but I love that you went with your son! ...more

Julian Lennon Debuts A New Video On His 50th Birthday [Video]

Considering his bloodline, it's no surprise that Julian Lennon, son of John and the boy who inspired "Hey Jude" amongst other Beatles classics, has grown in to a prolific artist across many mediums. Yesterday, on his 50th birthday, he released his first single in fifteen years -- a collaboration with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler that dropped along with it's stunning video....more
hah, yes he can because I'll be 50 this year, too. ;-) - Denisemore

[Video] The Return of 'Mad Men' -- What Did You Think?

Editor's note: What did you think of last night's premiere? Tell us in the comments! (Note: DO NOT read comments if you haven't seen it yet because here there be spoilers ...)-- Julie Season six is still a few hours out from its premiere, but the Internet has been ablaze with Mad Men Mania for at least a few good weeks, with a plethora of posts discussing everything from what to wear, to what to eat & drink, to where to eat and drink it to ring this newest chapter of the beloved series. ...more
Woodstock did not happen until August 1969.  It was a big summer...the Apollo 11 moon landing in ...more

'Veronica Mars' Feature Kickstarter Reaches $2 Million Goal In 10 Hours

In one of the fastest Kickstarter campaigns in history, Kristin Bell and Rob Thomas have successfully raised $2 Million dollars to produce a Veronica Mars movie with a projected start date of this summer....more
makiahisms thanks you Makiah!more

Oscar Night Social Media Style: The Show In Tweets

Ahhhh Oscar Night on the Internet. What did we do when we had to just watch awards shows with our families and talk to each other like cave people? ::Shudder::It can't be long now before they release a TV with twitter picture in picture to complete the experience, and I'll be the first in line. Because Twitter? I love you as much as I love movies, especially when you're mocking the people that make them.Let's begin shall we? {I feel that I should warn there's explicit language ahead.}...more

Haven't Had Time To Watch All The Oscar Contenders? We've Got Your Cliffs Notes!

With NINE nominees in the Best Picture category alone, it's not easy to watch every film up for an award at this year's 85th Annual Academy Awards. Tomorrow night we'll be live-tweeting the event (follow @blogherpop to play along), and I personally will be taking a shot every time host Seth MacFarlane slips in to his Stewie Griffin voice (Oscars drinking game anyone?) so expect the tweeting to get saucier as the night goes on....more
saw Armour last night and was blown away but it's Argo FTW.more

PBS's "Makers" Chronicles the Fight for Womanhood as We Know It

MAKERS is a landmark digital and broadcast initiative from AOL and PBS showcasing compelling stories from women of today and tomorrow. A three-hour documentary, MAKERS: Women Who Make America is now viewable online at
I think you'll be able to watch on the website after tonight!more