The Apples Fell Not Far from the Tree

I think about my mother, z"l [may her memory be for a blessing] every day.  I always draw strength from those thoughts, although they are sometimes tinged with humor or sadness, but always with gratitude for her life among us. I reminisced about her with colleagues.  It wasn't maudlin; it was apropos of the conversation and we laughed at her antics. ...more

Dear Mr. President, please read the Judge's opinion

I accept (but disagree) with President Obama's view that marriage should be between a man and a woman, as a matter of personal religious belief or doctrine.  But I do not accept that view from him in his capacity of head of state. ...more

The Kids Are All Right, but the parents could use some help

POB (partner of blogger) and I went to see the movie, “The Kids Are All Right,” about a lesbian couple and their two kids and the sperm donor who is invited into their lives by the elder child (who turned 18 and can get the information). It got great reviews.   After seeing it, I realize that these reviewers are straight. Based on the (straight people) reviews, I was looking forward to seeing how my life turns out (not really, but sort of really).  Two happily married lesbians raising their kids.  Sounded like a Utopian fantasy come to major motion picture....more

I'm just happy when we get a story into mainstream. We have so many interesting stories to tell.more

Rosy Picture; Details, not so much

Police officers on horses look so majestic.  (I got this picture from the Internet.) Also, a little tie with New York's past.  Also, it is urban legend that being a Mountie is a reward for extraordinary valor.  So, these officers on mount deserve to stand taller than the rest of us. Yet ....more


From what I read -- how can one avoid it -- the details of Chelsea's wedding were better kept secrets than, say, our troop deployments in Afghanistan (thanks, WikiLeaks). Good for them. It was Chelsea's wedding and not a media event.  The Clintons, who have a love-hate obsession with media, kept it real. Chelsea was the star of the show (and NOT Bill or Hillary)....more

Mothers and Daughters and a Schlepic to New Jersey

Today I went to a funeral in New Jersey for the mother of a friend.   After my mother died, my heart always breaks for a daughter losing a mother.  And when it is a dear friend, the pain is excruciating.  Because daughters and their mothers have bonds that, well, you have to be one to understand....more

A Gym Moment

Ok, I have not kept up with my gym routine.  But this week I resolved to get back into shape (a pear with rhombus accents).  So I spent two days getting psyched and yesterday I went to the gym.  First, I have to say in my defense that I am sleepwalking most mornings before 10am so while I thought I was packing a gym “outfit”, I was, in fact, packing a gym “misfit”....more