Why I Didn't Shop #LillyforTarget

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that this past weekend, Target released their much-hyped Lilly for Target collection, which sold out completely in hours, and in some stores in minutes. Women flocked to Target to snag it … but I wasn't one of them. I purposely didn't even try....more
This is something my dad would say "People are greedy". I agree, I am just one who can buy it ... more

Why I Make My Kids Go to Church

If you visit a Mormon service on Sunday, the first thing you'll probably notice is the mid-level roar of all the child noise going on in the pews. ...more
I think it is simply said and if I as a parent don't practice how I preach how can I expect my ... more

Top 5 Reasons #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Is Going Back to The Hilton New York

You have likely heard by now that #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us is returning to New York City, and tickets are selling now (and fast). Actually, not only are we going back to the Big Apple but we are returning to the largest hotel in New York, the Hilton New York. ...more
I am hoping I can go. It was great! more

Would You Enjoy Working for $5 an Hour?

Over the years I've worked a lot of crummy jobs. I've worked a lot of low-paying jobs and jobs that paid all right but worked me to the bone.I've been undercompensated; I've done jobs that were above my pay grade because I would work for less than I was worth. And I wasn't happy, but I can honestly say that I'm happy now. I only make $5.00 an hour, and I am happier with that than ever before....more
If it gave me the opportunity to get experience in a field I love I do it. more

Divorce & Custody: How Do You Survive the First Long Visit?

This will be the first week the boys spend with my estranged husband. We have a custody agreement finished. The financials and such will happen in March. He gets them Fall break. For a week. 7 nights. A week. Now, some might say "Holy CRAP! You are FREEEEEE!" And, I am. No, I don't worry about them being with him. They will be fine. They just won't be with me. Won't. Be. With. Me. ...more
Hugs and hugs as I am waiting for mine to be finalized. more

Laid Off? How I Survived the Job Search

They say that doors close so new ones can open, and now that I have found a new job I hope for that to be as true as it has proven to be in the past....more
That is great you were fortunate to find one quickly as you were very proactive. My last layoff ... more

What Would You Say to All Longtime/New Bloggers?

We get it. You've been here a long time. You created the Internet. Everything we're just discovering now is... yawn... boring and soooooooooooooo 2008. Fretting about commenting etiquette, asking if it's okay to link to a post, questioning how you know when it's the right time to move to self-hosting: we know all of that makes you roll your eyes at us. ...more
This was a great article more

What is Your Blogging Process?

I've kept a blog since the 90’s. It started as a teenage online diary and morphed into a college assignment. Within the last two years, I have redefined my blogging purpose; to build trust and share my wealth of public relation and social media knowledge with my audience. Along the way, I have created a process I use for composing my posts. This may work for you, or not. I am simply stating what I have found works best for me. So here is my blogging process... ...more
Love the KitKat incentive :) more

8 Sites I Can't Live Without

This post is for my fellow bloggers—especially those who may be newer to blogging and still figuring it all out. I have only been blogging for about five or six months, and since it took me quite a while to figure out which blogging sites held the most benefit for me as far as getting great daily information or sharing my content, I thought I would share my "daily eight" with others plus get a conversation going about your favorite sites that I may have missed. ...more
Thanks Susan for sharing and plan and I follow a few of those to... more

I May Have Made Myself Unfriendable

My longest friendships are with women I have known since childhood … and who currently do not live anywhere near me....more
I love love this post. I feel so much like that. I don't know how to have friendship and I ... more