To-Do Lists

I keep a to-do list. Check-marks for what has been completed and everything. I've never been one to keep a planner, I guess I fell out of that in junior high, maybe because I don't get one for free anymore. ...more

i hate it when you hesitate!

an open letter to the beau: dearest beau, ...more

finding balance: the harmony hotel

Wow, I can tell that I am going to be such a trooper in keeping my blog up!! This past week has been hectic, to say the least. I've been up to my ears in reviews for the 'other' blog, political sigh-ence research, and well -- even more research. ...more

The Very Bloggining...

hello all.this is where i tell you everything you would possibly want to know about me, so that maybe you can know where i'm coming from in future posts. so, enjoy this lovely slideshow of sorts. :) ...more

I am excited to be a part of BlogHer. :)

 Thank you for your kind words! And, I am very ...more

Daddyo's Birthday/Ryan Adams Concert

Last night was daddy-o's birthday dinner celebration. we (daddyo, denise, neal, me) went to Kemoll's downtown. i'd never been there before -- and goodness gracious it was swanky! we had a great time -- lots of laughs and delicious food. i am so glad neal could make it; i don't feel like he gets to hang out with my dad enough (and my dad loooves him, so it seems only natural that they should get some hang time) ...more