New group!! Hoping to find dog-loving BlogHers to join me at Going to the Dogs:

New group!! Hoping to find dog-loving BlogHers to join me at Going to the Dogs: ...more

All dog lovers. A great raffle and giveaway: ... more

Cat Person? Dog Person? Does It Make a Difference?

I come from a dog-loving family, which is to say that we are "dog people", as the popular blanket term goes. Some cats have broken through to the inner circle now and again, but mostly it's been dogs in pretty much every family home. ...more

Please take a peak at this raffle and giveaway. It's for a good cause. These guys support the ... more

Fabulous Websites for Dog Lovers

Here are a few of my favorite sources for all things DOG... ...more

The $100 Question: Tell Operation Beautiful's Caitlin Your Favorite Fitness Story

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Caitlin from Operation Beautiful ...more

Cookbook Review: Secrets of a Skinny Chef Great title! Secrets of a Skinny Chef.  ...more

I agree with your comment. Fats are needed to ... more

Food Blogs Sweep the 2010 Bloggies (Best Blog Awards)

It's an insidious plot. Food blogs are mounting a V-like alien invasion of the blogosphere. With soft words, we beguile, "We bring you butter and bacon. Life on blog will be forever better." Bearing dSLRs and 50mm lenses, we tempt. Cupcakes! Caramel! 'Tis no hoax, food bloggers aim to control -- take over! rule forever! -- the entire blog world. New evidence reveals that our nefarious plan is working. Just look -- look! ...more

Apple Crumbles

Sharing Thoughts on Exercise, Food, Recipes, Pets, Life Experiences ...more


Steel Cut Oats: A look at a different brand

Steel Cut Oats of a different brand. ...more

Enter to win a trip to BlogHer '09 from Ocean Spray Cranergy!

Update 4/30/09: This sweepstakes has now ended. Winners will be chosen shortly. Thank you for your interest in this promotion!

Biden in the Doghouse

When frankly-speaking Joe Biden first entered the political race, there were bets about his first gaffe. Well, it's finally here - though much cuter and fuzzier than expected. Jill Biden made good on an election promise and got her husband a long-desired dog, thereby, beating Obama to the puppy finish line. However, Biden's choice of a pure-bred German shepherd puppy from a breeder has upset a number of animal lovers, including PETA. ...more