Don't Dress Ugly For Halloween: A Scary Story!

  Ladies, this has been written for you. And, there might even be some guys out there who will find this Halloween story scary enough to make them think twice before deciding what to wear this Friday for Halloween, too. ...more

Thanks for commenting on my post. You pose an interesting question. I should have remembered ... more

Crouching Cleaning Lady Hidden Scrub Brush


I know! I know! I spend so much time just cleaning off surfaces so the cleaning crew can ... more

Dear Keebler Elves

Dear Keebler Elves, ...more

I think we are a lot alike. I loved this post about inviting a Keebler Elf to live with you ... more

What If It Was Palin That Teared Up?

Senator Joe Biden teared up during his debate with Governor Sarah Palin, and at my debate watch party we were riveted, touched, and applauding. We weren't the only ones. ...more

I agree. Sarah Palin would be perceived as weak if she had teared up, and that isn't fair. But, ... more

The Pumpkin Patch

I always enjoy taking the kids to pumpkin patches in October. We don't go every year and this year is the first time that five of the six children have gone to a pumpkin patch together. Today, after a stroll through Long Grove, IL for their apple festival, we all headed to Krolls Farm in Waukegan, about 40 minutes from our house in Glenview. ...more

Dear Denise,

Hi! I am brand new to BlogHer (I joined today!) and I saw your story about ... more