Buying an E-Reader? Some Things You Need to Consider First

If you are considering buying yourself or someone you love an e-book reader, I'm sure you've seen articles that declare that one e-reader is better than another. The truth is that none of the e-readers that those articles are talking about are bad, it's just that some e-book readers are a better fit for some people. When you set out to purchase an e-reader you need to ask yourself lots of questions so you can figure out what kind of e-book reader you are before you buy. I'm not going to tell you which e-reader you should buy, but I'm going to tell you what you need to think about before you buy it. ...more

It was so interesting the other day someone said they're thinking of buying a color e-reader. ... more

September 30: The Day Your Grocery Store Gets COOL

Cool, meaning hip and happenin'? Cool, meaning extra air conditioning? Nope, COOL, meaning Country of Origin Labels, which finally go into effect today, September 30, 2008, across the U.S. When the 2002 Farm Bill was enacted, Congress required food producers to include country of origin labels on many foods, including raw meat and fresh fruits and vegetables. Implementation was delayed until now, giving food producers plenty of time to prepare. Many foods, especially "food products" -- are exempt. Still, today's the day! Here's what we should find, beginning now. ...more

Unbelievable the most processed meats don't need to be labeled!!!

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