Holiday Gingerbread House Party

I am a huge fan of family traditions, and Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because it is crammed with them. Besides making the holidays memorable, traditions also make great family friendly party themes! Who doesn't love decorating sugar cookies, or going caroling with friends? Just add some eggnog, hot chocolate, or both, and you have yourself the perfect holiday gathering. You don't even have to plan decorations, because you probably already have your house decked out for Christmas. ...more

Serving Vegetables Your Kids Will Enjoy

I am a huge fan of summer for many reasons. I love the warm weather, the relaxed schedule, and having my kids home with me. Last summer, the kids and I embarked on a little adventure in the produce department. Each shopping trip we picked out a fruit or a vegetable that was new to us....more
I tried to serve my children a wide range of veggies from the first time they ate food, because ...more

Dreaming of the Finish Line!

This week is the finish line.  I have thought quite a bit about it and it reminds me a lot of high school graduation.  During your senior year all you can do is dream about the magic that is graduation.  You can't wait for it to come and you really believe it is going to change your life.  You just don't realize how it is going to change your life....more
This is a great post! I started running a few months ago after a lifetime of telling myself I ...more

Change Makes My Heart Happy

I love Valentine's Day. We don't do the traditional romantic dates and gifts in our house. It is a family celebration that consists of a pink and red dinner and gifts, cards, and treats that magically appear at the door.  By magically I mean someone sneaks out through the garage, rings the doorbell, and then runs back into the house.  It is one of my absolute favorite holidays, so in honor of the day of love I thought I would share with you what I love about running....more

The End is Near!

I cannot believe that we are 5 weeks into this. If you add up the total miles I have run in the 5 weeks since the Inspiration to Fitness challenge started, it equals the distance of a marathon. What is even crazier is that if you add up the miles that I have left to run in the next few weeks it equals the distance of a second marathon! I almost positive that I will have run farther in these 8 weeks than I ran in the previous 32 years of my life combined. You probably think I am kidding....more

Tracking my Progress

When I started Ashley's 5K program four weeks ago, I really only had one goal for myself. If I was going to run, I was going to run the entire distance. Now, I wasn't crazy enough to think I could actually run without stopping, so I worked out a system....more
I love this story. And am totally motivated by it. I'm regaining my running legs after two years ...more

My Little Running Partner

I took the boy running with me for the first time this week.  We headed out to the track for our 2 mile run. We warmed up by walking to the middle school track near our home.  On the way we talked about why I was running when I didn't like to run, we talked about how much easier it is to stay active than to try to get back into shape, and we talked about the upcoming science fair at school. I love that we had had time for uninterrupted conversation....more
What a wonderful way to spend time with your son. It would probably be nice to be able to run ...more

I've Actually Been RUNNING!

A couple of years ago I took a strength training class at our local YMCA. The teacher was amazing. The teacher was 7 months pregnant. You would think taking a strength training class from a pregnant woman wouldn't leave you too sore. It always took me a good two days before I could even walk again....more
You inspire me! I laughed out loud at your current running route.more

I'm Not a Runner. This Is MY Road to 5K

I don't like to run. You would probably take one look at me and not be surprised by that statement.  I don't look like a runner.  And even when I read inspirational stories about people that didn't like to run who are now training for their first marathon, I still don't think I will ever love being a runner.  26.2 miles does not appeal to me. What does appeal to me is this picture....more
This is very much what I am going through! I have 5 kids and I look pretty fit, but the last ...more

Hello! hello.....hello....hello

I am new here and trying to find my way around!  Looks like a great resource. ...more

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

I am pretty new here myself so afraid I can't help you ...more