Etsy Scores Big by Thinking Small, a site where buyers and sellers of handmade items come together, recently made the news by raising $27 million in investment funds. This had pundits asking questions like "Is Etsy the new eBay?" or "Is Etsy the Next Google?" ...more

I see that this is an article from a couple of years ago, but i just found it! I love etsy and ... more

So excited to find this group!

I just posted and entry about my first solo canning experience.  Read the excerpt on blogher here: Or go straight to the source at The Weekly Veggie.  Thanks for visiting!

Do you blog about food?

I am currently working on expanding a collaborative food database called Recipes Wiki and am looking for some dedicated food bloggers to post their recipes. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating by adding a few of their favorite recipes to the site. Of course, all of your recipes would include a link back to your blog and will be attributed to you. This is a great opportunity to promote your site to a diverse foodie audience. Recipes Wiki gets an average of 310K monthly uniques and we expect that to grow tremendously after our official launch in February.

Blogging on BlogHer: Choose Your Topics Wisely

Member blog posts are found by clicking the Bloggers section of the Topic Level pages. This means it is super important for you to choose the right topics when you're creating your blog posts on BlogHer. You really don't want your blog post to disappear or to appear in the topic areas where they don't belong. People surfing the Money topic area won't be likely to click a post about paper training your new puppy. Choose wisely - but DO choose.