Book Signing at the Boston Public Library

If you'e in the Boston area join me at the East Branch of the Boston Public Library next Monday night (February 25) at 6:00pm, for a reading, discussion and raffle for a free copy of my latest book, The Hidden Ones. I hope to see you there! You can find more details about this event HERE:

Looking for Reviewers!

...for THE HIDDEN ONES, the first book in my new series, LEGACY OF THE WATCHERS.You can read about the series and request a free copy at Reading!...more

Surviving Valentines Day

   Valentine’s Day is, for the most part, about women. Guys tend to be less enthusiastic about it, mostly because of the fear factor they have over the prospect of screwing it up. But for men and women alike, it can be a time of high expectations followed by failure and disappointment.  For weeks afterwards, the internet will still be buzzing with the many horror stories of Valentine’s Days gone wrong.    I have some pretty good ideas for making the best of Valentine's, which I've broken down into five survival tips below, but first I thought it might be interesting to look at what men are feeling as the holiday draws near.   ...more

GOVERNMENT or NO GOVERNMENT; that is the question

The healthcare issue, the banking issue, the investment issue...all of these issues have one thing in common – abuse of power. ...more

'accountability' AND to remember who these guys are working for....YOU.

Being President ...more