kristy sammis


Perhaps we've met?  I was BlogHer's full-time conference planner from 2006 to 2009.  After a little more than two years (and six conferences), I reluctantly left like, the best company EVER -- Oh, and? San Francisco -- to pursue SAHM-ness in a house up in Napa.  I don't recognize my life, either.

Anything else you (n)ever wanted to know about me can be found at my personal blog, She Just Walks Around With It. I started it to chronicle my weight-loss endeavors in as funny a way as possible.  In the four+ years since its inception, the blog morphed to include *all* of the elements of my terribly inelegant, once-single-in-the-city lifestyle, from horrifying dates (like the time I sort of smooshed my boobs into a plate of mashed potatoes) and worse kisses (ewww), to my laughable attempts at knitting, and everything in between. (Um, even though I still haven't lost any weight. Whatever! La la la!) 

Now that I'm both married and pregnant...well...I'm reluctant to call myself a mommyblogger, but suspect the transition is inevitable. I am determined that this will not, however, curtail my discussion of men, booze, friends, boobs, the ocassional discussion or porn, or my wanton use of the eff word. :)