A One-Time Motel Maid Looks Back on Success, Then & Now

My experience as a young girl of what the term "work ethic" really meant began with a fib. I was 14, growing up in southern California. My mother had divorced when I was 5, left to raise me and my two younger brothers. She didn’t have a formal education, so she had to work two full-time jobs as a waitress to make ends meet. ...more
Based upon this post, I have no doubt you would still be successful if you were 14 today and ...more

5 Last-Minute Ways to Turn Summer Slumber into Summer Success

“Teens available for summer work.” That was the subject of an email I got from a parent of a former student concerned about making the most of what’s left of summer.It’s not easy finding jobs: The unemployment rate for young people hovers around 18% - about double the national average, according to the Department of Labor.  Last year, less than 50 percent of young adults had found summer employment by July, the lowest level since 1949....more

The Meaning of "Safe"

The Meaning of  “Safe” Turkey. That was the original plan. The wonderful people, culture and history reminded us of nearby Greece, where we honeymooned four years ago. But when we looked at a map and saw that Turkey also shares borders with Iran, Iraq, and Syria, it seemed a more prudent course to steer clear of that troubled part of the world, especially with a two-year old in tow. ...more

Become a Doctor: For More Than Money

“The heart is where it all starts and ends,” said Dr. Greg Fischer of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, a top cardiac anesthesiologist - someone who puts those going through heart surgery out so they don’t feel it.  He came to the US from Switzerland about seven years ago for a great job as a doctor who works in the academic world as opposed to running his own private practice. I’ve heard a lot of young people wanting to head into medicine because they think it’s a goldmine. So, I asked Dr. Fischer: does the medical profession make sense if your goal is to make money?...more

Glee’s Iqbal Theba – America’s Best Known Principal -- Brings Affordable “Online Guidance Counseling” as SuperFutures’ Principal

“Oh No, I’m Stuck with Construction,” He Says Before Finding Acting  Los Angeles, CA – March 7, 2011 – What do I want to be when I grow up? It’s a question everyone asks. Now, Iqbal Theba – best known as Principal Figgins in the hit TV show, Glee – is joining SuperFutures as its honorary principal and partner to help teens find the answer....more

10 Ways to Finish 2010 on a Super Note

The New Year will bring new expenses, especially for parents caught up in the last minute rush to buy gifts. What can you do to start the New Year off right, financially speaking?...more

Wake Up Women: Study Shows Women Behind in Knowing Key Financial Moves. Here’s What To Do

Women, I’m stumped. If the recession has made one thing clear, it’s that by now, you should know how important it is to manage your money. Why, then, are many of you still not doing those simple things that could easily save thousands and at the same time, make you feel as if you just bought a Prada bag for $200?...more

Don't Let Your Teen Be "Just Another Face"; Study Finds Students Fail Guidance Counselors

Are guidance counselors in our high schools doing the job? Our young people say, "No," according to a study by Public Agenda. In fact, 6 out of every 10 teens who went on to higher education gave their guidance counselors poor marks. And, half of teens said they felt like "just a face in the crowd." What's the impact of this? Not good. ...more

My Miracle Girl

GREENWICH, Conn. -- This column was never supposed to happen. As most of you know, I don't usually write about my personal life, except when it comes to my own everyday experiences with financial matters. This time, though, I thought I would share an experience which you may find both inspiring and hopeful. For the most part, I have lived a life focused on business, both building my own and educating people in how to build theirs. It has been my passion and had absorbed most of my time and energies, leaving little for an engaged, committed personal life....more

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Scholarships Could Help Your Teen Get Edge in College, Career - Apply Now

My mouth dropped when I saw the unemployment rate among youth: over 20%, according to the New York Times, more than double the national average. So, what are we doing to prepare our teens for the real, working world? What are you doing to prepare them? Our children are, after all, the drivers of our future, aren't they? ...more

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