5 Ways to Spread Love on the Internet Right Now

Today is Black Friday, tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, and in two days, it's Cyber Monday. Sunday doesn't get its own commercial holiday. I wish retail well and hope the next few days are good to them. But if you want to carry over the warm buzz of Thanksgiving and offer up some good cheer for shoppers to open when they get home from their gift acquiring adventures, I present my own version of Cyber Monday. ...more

How to Choose the Perfect Emoji for National Unfriend Day

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is... emoji. Actually, it's not just the word emoji. It's the pictograph of a face sobbing tears of joy. Why that one? Because it turns out to be the most used emoji across the world. It's sort of the perfect emoji for today, National Unfriend Day, a day for you to go through your social media lists and untangle yourself from the people who bring you down. What started as a Jimmy Kimmel joke has evolved into its own social media holiday. ...more
You have NO idea how excited this makes me. Now I have an excuse to clean out my FB with No ...more

NaBloPoMo: Add All Your November 2015 Posts Here!

Hello, NaBloPoMo'ers, here's where you share the link to every NaBloPoMo post you're writing on your blog daily this month -- and share your words with the world! ...more
Day 27... A few quotes from Georgette Heyer's, These Old ...more

NaBloPoMo November 2015 Badges

The official badge for November 2015 NaBloPoMo is here! Grab it to place on your blog and show your readers you're posting every day this month. ...more
Day #9!   ...more

NaBloPoMo November 2015 Prompts

Welcome to the November 2015 NaBloPoMo writing prompts! As with all NaBlo prompts, Saturday and Sunday are for free writing. ...more
I think "why" part of the nov 24 prompt and nov.25 prompt sound alike. Don't they.?more

Are You Posting Every Day in November for NaBloPoMo? Add Your Blog to the Blogroll Now

If you're posting for NaBloPoMo every day in November, add your name to our 2015 blogroll to share your work and enter to win prizes! Just fill out the NaBloPoMo Blogroll Form. Make sure you've selected NOVEMBER, and only submit your blog once, please. It may take up to 24 hours for your blog to appear on the list. The November blogroll is open until November 5. After that point, no new blogs will be added. ...more
jessbarretttn You don't! But it's fun to share links and read each other's posts. :)more

NaBloPoMo Is Here! Post Every Day in November, and Win a Pass to the BlogHer Conference!

Join NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) on BlogHer.com this November by committing to post every single day this month! Every November, thousands of bloggers commit to posting daily. But it's about much more than getting that post up — it's about community and connection. It's also about honing your craft, challenging yourself, and taking your blog to the next level. And we're going to help you do that. ...more

From Podcast to Book: Welcome to Night Vale

If you haven't listened to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, you need to start. Now. Go download the first episode of the podcast. Wait, scratch that. Because if you listen to the first episode of the podcast, you're going to get sucked into that story. And I want to talk about the book. Yes, the Welcome to Night Vale book. ...more
One of our kids is a huge Nightvale fan... and she was excited about the book. I can't wait to ...more

Let's Take a Good, Hard Look at Social Media for #NationalStopBullyingDay

Lena Dunham quit Twitter, something many of us think about doing from time to time. She explains: "The environment [on Twitter] became so hostile that it couldn't possibly be okay for me to be reading this stuff." Which I think sums up the problem in a nutshell. ...more
I couldn't agree more! It is exactly why I do not have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the ...more

NaBloPoMo: Add All Your October 2015 Posts Here!

Here's where you share the link to every NaBloPoMo post you're writing on your blog daily this month -- and share your words with the world! ...more
Day 27 http://debramanskey.com/2015/11/27/raspberry-time-day-27-nablopomo-2015/  Things to do ...more