Myths About "Anti-Vaxxers" that Need to be Debunked. NOW.

  There has been a ton of media hubbub over the measles outbreak that has been birthed out of the land of happiness aka Disneyland. The disease is making a cross-country migration and is now being found in some mid-western states. There have been nearly 100 cases and (thankfully) no deaths. The culprits? Those darn "anti-vaxxers" of course! They MUST be the cause of such a preventable outbreak.   ...more
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I'm Not an Idiot: Measles Outbreak, Vaccine Debates, and Your Name-Calling

When it comes to the vaccination debate, I don't usually "go there." I feel like we are all trying to inform ourselves make the best decisions for our families in a world full of misinformation brought to us by people more interested in power and money than the health of the general public. ...more
Most of the kids in my class, including myself and my sister, had measles.  We are mostly now in ... more

Deciding to Remain a Family of Three

I grew up the youngest of three. I have two older brothers. MCB is an only child. Growing up, I thought I wanted two kids. I never considered having just one. MCB thought she wouldn't have any kids, but quickly changed her mind when we met. When Roozle was nine-months-old, I read a post by our friends who wrote about choosing to have just one kid. Until then, we hadn't considered just having one. It's always about children, not child. ...more
I would suggest thinking more long term.  Like 20 or 30 years down the line.  When my mother ... more

The Pope and Sex Scandals: The Damage Can't Be Underestimated

Many Roman Catholics are upset, hurt, angry, disappointed. And when they look to the Vatican for leadership, many feel that Pope Benedict has not fared well. ...more

Trying to Understand Catholic Social Justice

A mindful member of the Catholic church finds some conflicting messages in her weekly parish bulletin:...more
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What Happened at Komen: Weak Leadership Makes A Weak Retreat

Apparently bowing to lefty pressure, the Susan G. ...more
Komen has stepped in it. They ticked off the PP supporters, and just as pro-lifers were ... more

In the Hospital, I Became "That Mom"

He hit her in the face.He hit her in the face again.Doesn't he know that's my baby?How hard would it be to work slower, tug gentler, move that cord so that it stops hitting her repeatedly in the face? How hard would it be to cradle her head gently in his hands, rather than turning it to the side by pulling on the tube in her mouth?Can't he see it's upsetting her?Can't he see it's upsetting me?...more

I've done the hospital thing with children and with my own mother. The thing to keep in mind is ... more

Would You Let Your Six-Year-Old Walk Home Alone?

Each time she has asked me this question (every day, for the past 14 days, multiple times each day OMG) my answer has been, "no." And her response has always been, "but why not?" And my response is always, "because you're too young." And her response has always been, "but I know that I need to stay on the side of the road and watch for cars and not to get in a stranger's car!" ...more

We live in more dangerous times. Remember that Jaycee Duggard was kidnapped in front of her ... more

Does Breastfeeding Cause Divorce?

Admittedly, most talk of the health care bill and the state of medical care in our country causes my eyes to glaze over. (Apologies to my many friends who are talented, valuable doctors.) But this spring, new research was released with quite a splash, catching my attention. ...more

I do not resent breastfeeding, my children, or my nearly perfect husband. I do resent the ... more

The 70-Year-Old Mother, Steel Magnolias, IVF, and Why We Judge

Back in 1989, America wept over the death of Shelby in Steel Magnolias. Like her mother M'Lynn (Sally Field), we wanted to know why. We wanted to "know how that baby will ever know how wonderful his mother was! Will he ever know what she went through for him!" And we cried buckets. ...more

I think it is repugnant to people because it is so far away from what is natural, or natural ... more