Must-Follow Mondays: NaBloPoMo Bloggers

Here's an introduction to a few of the blogs participating in NaBloPoMo this month. We chose these in particular to show the diversity of bloggers that commit to blogging monthly in November -- but remember, there are still many, many, many more to meet on the list. Go meet them, too! ...more
so much good writing on the web,,, ... more

Bloggers Sound Off About Leaning In and Sheryl Sandberg at BlogHer ‘13

Last week, BlogHer Editor-in-Chief Stacy Morrison summed up what she heard Sheryl Sandberg say at BlogHer ’13, but many others of the 4000 women who were also sitting in the McCormick Conference Center in Chicago have also been blogging about their impressions from Sandberg’s keynote speech and the "Lean In" circles they participated in afterwards....more
I applaud anyone who encourages people to take responsibility for their choices and to think ... more

Children's Place Learns The Hard Way That "Math Is Hard" Is Over

Well this week certainly started off with a bang in the back-to-school clothing world -- The Children's Place, purveyor of popular yet affordable clothes for kids, experienced a huge wave of backlash as news spread across the 'net that they were selling a girls' shirt that may as well have said, "Math is haaaaaard." Watching the indignation unfold on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs was equal parts entertainment and "please stop the planet, I want to get off." There was something else, too. There was a little... deja vu. Haven't we already been through this? ...more
Yep & yep. As the mother of two boys, I've been confronting the "boy shirt" dilemma now for ... more

Desperately Seeking My Sex Drive!

Here's the thing... Few people seem to be writing specifically about sex and life of women approaching 50, at 50, or even after 50. That can't be right; other women must be dealing with sexual stuff at this age, right? Well, I've given up looking and decided to write about it. Maybe someone else will read this and think, "Hey...look. At least one other person on the planet gets this craziness!"...more
Great post -- I think too that because the US is such a youthyouthyouth culture, there is this ... more

Truth and Dare: If You Weren’t Afraid, What Would You Do?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? With any part of your life–-personal, professional, voice, heart, body, and/or soul? You may wonder what Sheryl Sandberg, who keynoted BlogHer ’13, has to fear. Ms. Sandberg wrote #1 Bestseller Lean In just after taking Facebook public as Chief Operating Officer and, before that, making her let’s-call-it sayonara money as a Google executive. What’s she got to be afraid of ...more
I admire much of Ms. Sandberg's book, and think that these conversations *do* need to be had ... more

A Very Middle Grade Summer: 10 Titles Even Adults Will Love!

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I love more than letting my imagination run wild while I enjoy glorious summer days and evenings. There are tons of great books out there, but for some reason I still feel like my perfect summer read is an amazing Middle Grade book. Maybe it’s nostalgia for my childhood summers on Lake Champlain, sitting on the dock or the beach and doing nothing but reading. Maybe it’s the way summer always feels magical, like anything can happen....more
I *loved* Island of hte Blue Dolphins, and when I gave it to my 3rd grade son to read, I had ... more

Susan Sarandon Doesn’t Consider Herself a Feminist. Do You?

When did feminism become such a bad word? Susan Sarandon, known for playing tough broads such as a take-no-prisoners waitress in Thelma and Louise, was recently asked by a reporter from The Guardian whether she calls herself a feminist. Her lack of enthusiasm for the term says it all: ...more
I think that if we abandon the term it becomes that much easier for problems that are systemic ... more

5 Things I Want to Tell Nigella Lawson

On Sunday, photos were published showing celebrity chef Nigella Lawson being grabbed on the throat by her husband. The photos splashed over the internet showed him holding her by the throat and her leaving the restaurant in tears. It should come as no surprise that this story caught my attention. Ten years working with women escaping domestic violence leaves its mark on a person. I will always be a victim advocate even if I am no longer in the field....more
I notice that she has remained silent, or at least I've not heard anything from her about this ... more

Why Mocking Miss Utah Distracts Us From the Real Issues

This year’s Miss USA pageant brought the world another opportunity to rip a woman to shreds when Miss Utah, 21-year-old Marissa Powell, failed to coherently answer a current events question. Yes, the question was on a topic that directly impacts women. Yes, she could have done better. But, damn, can we just give her a break?...more
Wait, you mean that women aren't livestock? What a radical notion! Next thing you're going to be ... more

Raising a Feminist Son in the Princess Culture

When I found out that I was going to have a son I was so surprised. A boy? What? Immediately I had visions of this super aggressive and dominant child. Isn’t that what they are? They are The Man. They are the ones oppressing women. And now I was going to have to parent one. No opportunity to continue the “girl power” culture that I loved so much. But a funny thing happened when I met my son -- I started to realize how destructive girl power can be to boys....more
You hit very close to home here: it is as if in trying to eradicate the double standard between ... more