This is your brain OFF sugar

I'm addicted to sugar. There. I said it.Not that I need a candy bar every day or a donut every month, but I need to have some sweetness in my coffee (the high-fat flavored fake creamer is my fave!) and some form of dessert every night - even if it's just a piece of chocolate. My husband has a random sweet tooth but eats things like ice cream and Oreos rather than dark chocolate or Godiva's creme brulee truffles, so I can usually avoid his goodies if they're out of my sight. But watch out if I run out of MY sweets....more

Major study of data shows ADHD doubles risk of early death

Still need a reason to get your kid's attention skills strengthened? Researchers from Denark looked at data from 32,061 people with ADHD over 32 years. (26% were women). They also had a total of 1,922,248 people in the national database so they had a huge "control" population. They found:- When looking at "all-cause mortality rate" (death from all causes), people with ADHD died at a rate of 5.85 for every 10,000. Those without ADHD died at a rate of only 2.21....more

Dementia: 6 Early Warning Signs

If you think dementia is just about forgetting things, you'll want to read through this list. There are actually other signs to watch for--especially before there's been any diagnosis. Here are a few that may surprise you.1. Changes in reading. There's a clinical term called "reduced gaze" that happens when dementia begins to affect a person's ability to move their eyes in their normal manner. Sometimes that means skipping lines while they read, other times it means just staring....more

Jacket reads your brain and changes color to match your mood

Talk about a coat of many colors!Clothing design studio The Unseen has created a color-changing jacket that "taps your brain to display your mood." Made by self-described alchemist Lauren Bowker, the coat is called "Eighth Sense." It's made of flexible ceramic material (that alone fascinates me!)Just check out the photo: idea behind it is that everyone gives off electromagnetic energy (sometimes called your "aura"). It's made with color-changing ink....more

HUGE news in the fight against Parkinson's

First, it's not a cure. But it is pretty awesome that researchers have found that a growth factor can have regenerative effect on the brain!Here's the short version of what I read:FACT: Parkinson's disease is a result of the loss of brains cells that produce dopamine.FACT: Researchers have been studying the effects of PDGF (platelet-dervied growth factor) for more than 10 years, but on animals. ...more

MS? 10 Ways to Improve Your Memory

If you have multiple sclerosis you don't need to be told that short-term memory impairment is often a side effect. In fact, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, 60 percent of people with MS have some sort of memory problems. And 5 to 10 percent have memory issues that interfere with their daily function.Here are 10 things you can do to help your memory.1. Stick to your daily routines. Doing the same thing at the same time (e.g., taking medication) can make it easier to remember....more
farrahreee Great additions, Farrahreee! I'm also in my 40s and noticing memory loss - especially ...more

Author of "The Brain's Way of Healing" offers ways to improve your brain

Psychiatrist and author of "The Brain's Way of Healing" has a few suggestions for people looking to strengthen their brain at any age. You've probably hear a few of them before, but there are a couple new ones (at least to me).1. Walk 2 miles a day. Regular exercise (even walking) has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia by 60%!...more

Still not convinced just how much meditation can change your brain? Check THIS out!

I seriously need to keep attempting to meditate. I am awful at it. I have a hard time quieting my brain. It seems like every time I read a story about meditation and the brain that the evidence just gets more and more compelling that it's an incredible way to fight cognitive decline! (My other 3 best approaches based on my brain-related research are exercise, one-on-one brain training and fish oil. I also try to play Scrabble several times a week, which can't hurt!)But back to meditation. ...more

Multisensory learning makes it easier to learn a new language

A team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany have found that using multiple senses makes it easier to learn a new language. Specifically, they discovered that using gestures (especially when done by the learner) and pictures boosts learning....more

If your child is on ADHD meds, read these 3 things ASAP

If your child or teen takes stimulant medication for ADHD, read these 3 articles. I'm giving a short summary with each link in case you're pressed for time:1. Use of ADHD meds in childhood leads to BMI rebound laterNew evidence indicates that the longer ADHD meds were taken and the earlier in childhood they began, the slower the BMI growth in childhood, but the more rapid the BMI rebound in l ate adolescence....more