Technology and 7,800 miles

My 7,800 mile journey     ...more

What are they doing with 300 million App's?

iPhone users have downloaded 300 million and counting applications this year from the iTunes store and when you think about a year that had so many things in decline this is bright spot for developers. ...more


I'm amazed too and I wish I could think of something to create :) Are you ...more

Location Applications for the iPhone - Making Life Easier

As an iPhone user I have noticed that the amount of applications in the iTunes store grows daily. I like games here and there but I'm a bit more practical - I like tools that will help me actually save time and make life easier. The greatest growth in the iPhone applications is definitely going to come with Location Based Services. The GPS tool in the iPhone 3G has the potential to actually help you do something with your phone besides your email, games or Facebook. ...more

Are iPhone applications becoming too expensive?

Are iPhone applications becoming too expensive? There are some who seem to think so - the average price is $9.00 for a the paid applications. It seems like most of these are actually games. I am wondering how many of you have downloaded games that you paid for? Call me cheap but heck the phones cost enough by themselves - there is nothing like a good cheap bargain. So for now I look for the best of the free applications. ...more

Dump your dumb phone this holiday season

Dump your dumb phone this holiday seasonShop for a smartphone and work play hard ...more

Help attracting more people to your web site

Ideas for attracting more people to your website Tune into my podcast Web Essentials - Creating a Buzz and learn what you can do without spending a lot of money to give your marketing a boost. This podcast includes a formula of magic marketing dust that you sprinkle to receive new clients. (smile) What I am sharing is my research, interviews and my gut feelings about what creates "buzz" and interest. iTunes ...more

Have you Zhiing'd your kids today?

I love technology gadgets and toys. My iPhone is never far from me. I found a new application that works on iPhone and Blackberry. It allows you to send your location and directions to find you to someone's elses phone. And it will send you a map and turn by turn directions. My girlfriend is constantly calling her 13 year old asking where she is - I showed her this because now she can have her daughter just Zhiing where she is. And you don't have to login to some site to do it. Just do it right from your phone. ...more

Web Site Makeovers

Web site MakeoversAre you looking for a boost in this economy? It's impossible to ignore the headlines right now on the economy. Everyday the reports seem to focus on what's not looking good for businesses. The "R" (recession) word can send businesses into a non-growth mode with cutbacks and lay offs. The immediate pain of losing customers is difficult, if not overwhelming. I think this is the time to aggressive with building your web presence but it's all about that image. ...more