BlogHer of the Week: The Bloggess

One can only imagine the size of the Post-Its in Jenny Lawson's house. Or the size of her cat. ...more

She always makes me laugh. I'm glad she was chosen!


Wicked - Gregory Maguire

Earlier this week I finished A Lion Among Men (the third book in the Wicked series, now somehow called The Wicked Years.) I was very pleasantly surprised by how darn good this book was - particularly compared with Son of a Witch (which wasn't all that darn good, if you ask me.) Has anyone else read it? Denise

I'm calling it:: Boston Area Meet-up June 13, 2-6pm

I'm calling it folks. We'll never find a date that works for everyone, but the 13th seems to be okay for most. When: Saturday June 13, 2-6 pm. And if you come a little before 2, that's fine.We'll fire up the grill around 4pm Where: 171 White Pond Rd. Hudson MA Who:  Boston Area BlogHers, spouses/partners and children. BlogHims too!   

The Murder of Asia McGowan

On April 10, a 28 year old man entered the campus of Henry Ford College in Dearborn, MI, and shot 20 year old Asia McGowan to death before turning the gun on himself. The Detroit News reported that the killer, Anthony Powell, posted videos on YouTube, including on titled "Black Women Don't Deserve Respect." He denounced all black women as sexually promiscuous. He also talked about a girl he liked named Asia. There are so many things that are devastating about Asia's death. ...more

Thanks for posting. I don't live in Detroit, and I haven't heard any news coverage on Asia's ... more

BlogHer of the Week: Ordinary Art

What are our hearts for, really? For Conversemomma of Ordinary Art, her heart is a street musician who conga-lines alongside her, pounding out theme music for her story. The percussion is killer. Her post, Letter to My Beating Heart sounds out stark, personal stories of heartaches good, bad and worse. Who among us doesn't have a few of these flinch-worthy memories? Their true grit makes Conversemomma's lyrical writing all the more rewarding: ...more

This was a beautiful post - the kind you feel lucky to have read. more

My Evolving Thoughts on Infidelity and Forgiveness

It was simple when I was younger. Infidelity was unforgivable. The only appropriate reaction to infidelity, under absolutely any circumstances, was to walk away from the relationship. Clearly. And particularly if one had children. Because I knew that people stayed in marriages "for the children," and I thought that made no sense at all. Better to be an example by standing up for how people should treat each other. Better to dissolve the marriage rather than risk teaching a child to cheat or be cheated on. Then, the first two ripples came to my thinking. ...more

It's hard to really consider infidelity when you have no experience to base your decision on. ... more

Are Fresh Fava Beans Worth the Effort?

Every spring fresh fava beans burst on to the culinary scene. They appear in markets and gardens, and of course food bloggers start writing about what they're making with favas. Interesting that favas would get so much attention, when by all accounts, they're fairly labor intensive to remove from the pods. Are they worth the trouble? ...more

I didn't realize they were so bright green! And I've never actually seen them listed in a recipe ... more

Green baby step: Give your packing peanuts to UPS or FedEx

I try to reuse them when mailing out freebies, but the foamy and plasticky packaging materials just keep piling up in my tiny apartment. Apparently, I pack things up more efficiently than the people who send samples and other stuff to blog about -- leading to a constant packaging surplus. ...more

I never knew what to do with packing peanuts before. I know they're terrible for the ... more