Are Bigger Bloggers Obligated to Help Smaller Bloggers?

I have this rather bad habit of playing devil's advocate for the sake of discussion. And I am going to stick on my Jezebel horns and do a little bit of that today. I had a post syndicated on BlogHer about jealousy and blogging that sparked some AMAZING response and discussion. It took an interesting turn when this comment popped up: ...more

I was goin to take issue with this statement: " If there is no expectation, then why is there ... more

When Unwanted Advancements Go Too Far

I'd like to take back any mean thing I've said about being the recipient of unwanted advancements in a bar. Although these situations can be annoying -- especially if I'm talking to a friend at the time, or I'm trying my hardest NOT to look at that person (which should be a good clue) -- most of the people I encounter in regular bars are polite and unthreatening. This was not the case last weekend when I was hanging out in DC. Even though I live just a few miles outside of Washington, DC in northern VA (and work in the city five days a week), I rarely spend time there at night. ...more

And I'd like to think that I would respond very strongly to that, but I don't think I've ever ... more