Angel Christmon

I am Angel Christmon: Wife to Charles Christmon, mother to Caiden, Olivia... read more

Angel Christmon


I am Angel Christmon:


Wife to Charles Christmon, mother to Caiden, Olivia and Immanuel Christmon. I have 2 cats, Spook and RB, and we all live in a Yellow Submarine :)  

Interesting fact about my marriage: my husband pursued me with two different profiles on a social site, and I didn't accept his requests until the third profile. We were married before I realized that all 3 guys were him. Yep, he's my stalker hubby :)

 I am a SAHM, who really needs to get my cleaning gear fixed because some time ago it broke down, and my house is starting to reflect that!

I love to read a good book, sing a good song, laugh a good laugh and cry a good cry. I love to be loved and will love in return.

 I have a blogspot on youtube where I vocalize my thoughts, although most of the time it comes out in rambles, but you may check those out:

My life right now is still a work in progress.

For more about me, read the blogs to come :)

God Bless