Relationship Milestones: Celebrating Five Years of Marriage

There were times, days, weeks, months even, when I thought we would NEVER make it to this day! Not in once piece that is. And yet, here we are. It's a good feeling to know that we've reached a milestone in our marriage and great to know that we are still willing to go forward with one another and not living in a shell of a marriage. You know, where for appearances sake everything looks like it's the real deal, but on the inside, behind closed doors, there is nothing between them. Okay, sometimes it's like that, but doesn't everyone go through that at some point? ...more

Thanks so much, we enjoyed each other at dinner without the kids :)more

Naughty or Nice?


I'm a singer, artist, writer, cook and knitter... what are you?

I enjoy doing lots of things, but my passions or hobbies are few and close to my heart....more

Hey Patty, thanks for the comment! I try to squeeze in a few thoughts here and there, I like it :)more

Holiday weekend anyone?

     I'm sitting here watching my kids play frenzy, a fish eat fish game that helps them with hand-eye coordination as well as being able to distinguish the difference between the little fish (which they can eat) and the larger fish (that can eat them). It's great to see Caiden playing because I can see all the light bulbs clicking on and him reasoning. He's asking questions and encouraging his brother and sister when it's their turn....more

My Chatter friends!!!

Guess who feels totally silly about not really knowing how BlogHer chatter works???This woman right here!!! There are some wonderful people that have been responding to my chatters all this time and I never knew how to get to it or even that it was happening! I am totally goofy! Or just really oblivious to things when I am focused purely on something else.Anyway, to the following people I want to let you know that I have received and acknowlege your encouragement, warm wishes and responses to my chatterposts!!! Thanks so much for the Blog Love! ♥...more

Okay, I will try it and see what happens! Thanks for clarifying that for me :)more


Just a quick rant before I go to bed. ::sigh:: I'm so agitated with my spouse it's terrible. I can't even be angry because I'm SO angry! I don't even know what to say to him and I just don't want to say anything to him at all. But he's my husband and whatever idiotic, stupid and incredibly dumb predicament he has gotten us into, he's MINE...... But "OH, GRRRRRR!" I will write something more important in the morning while I drink my tea and the kids are still sleeping. <> The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there will be sun...... ...more

I lost track of the days, but I'm back :)

     It's been 3 months since my last confession, tirade, overuse of the english short, a blog.  So much has happened that I don't know where to begin. There have been weddings, divorces, births, deaths, weight loss, weight gain, loving, hating.... heck anything that you can possibly think of. I have probably experienced it in the time since we last crossed words here....more

Thanks Denise!! I have to log on more often into my blog, thanks for the chatter! :)

Yes, I'm ...more

Day 7: Another road block

I'm not going to stay long (again, I'm sorry)I just wanted to update you on why I didn't come back and write about my other 2 days.... my cat R.B. had four kittens today, and I was outside helping her birth them. YAY!!! So, I have to go cook dinner and wake the kids up and hopefully tonight ::crosses fingers:: I can let you know about my days... still like me?  Hope so!Til then! Love and Happiness, Forever and AlwaysAngelbaby...more

An update to my post:

When I checked on the momma and kittens, I discovered she had given ...more

Day 7: <-- What? Where are Days 5 & 6???

Oh, Angel..... Angel, Angel, Angel...............more

Day 4: Weight watching without a scale?

     Good morning fellow bloghers....  Last night while talking to my mom, she let me know that I could eat protein foods or mufas (if you're unsure what those are click here: after 7pm and I would still be burning fat because my body would have to work to break them down. After that bit of encouraging news I munched a bit of chicken before bed....more

Thank you Elmare, not only for the comment, but for the tip on weighing! That's a good idea, and ...more