Top 10 Gifts for Teachers

At the end of the year, many parents and students wish to give teachers a token of their thanks, but they're not sure what's appropriate. The best advice I have is: know thy teacher. So, for example, if you're not certain the teacher drinks alcohol, don't offer a bottle of wine, and don't give gift certificates to a big, corporate bookstore like Borders or Barnes & Noble to someone who was petitioning the city council not to allow any more big box stores into your town because they drive out local businesses. If you're planning to bake something for your teacher, it's also important to know if your school or school district allows teachers to accept and eat home baked gifts. ...more
I am a teacher. My favorite all time gift is a TickleMe Plant Greenhouse Kit. TickleMe Plants ... more

Top 10 Green Gift Guide

Looking for cute green gifts that are unique, affordable and -- not crunchy looking? Here's a top 10 guide to green gifts that'll turn heads -- and hopefully turn your friends into happy environmentalists. May all your holidays be green -- ...more