Move over Baby On Board! IF signs for every occasion

Prompted by you commenters pointing out the annoying "Baby On Board" signs (most frequently endured apparently by international bloggers), Will and I decided to create a line of "On Board" signs for the infertile driver....more

Lament of the end-stage infertile

Lament of the end-stage infertile...more

Sticking it to infertiles with stick family stickers

 I'm going to admit to a pet peeve of mine - Stick Figure Family Car Window Stickers.Do you know the stickers I mean? The ones people plaster on their car rear windows for all the world to see? (International bloggers, is this a solely American phenomenon?)...more


Today I am thinking of the pathways we travel in the journey to have a child. ...more

The media backlash against IVF has begun

From Tim Rutten's Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times today:  ...more

How the two week wait stole my sanity and replaced it with tiny pizzas

I haven't been posting because I've been too busy trying to stay sane. I'm struggling to focus on work, which has received scant attention of late. I've been able to pull it together for my patients, but when I'm alone...not much productive going on. Instead, I'm spending lots of time trying not to think about the presence or absence of every strange twitch and bloat in my body. You know the symptoms everyone goes on and on about: sore breasts, uterine cramping, light spotting, fatigue, nausea, urinary frequency? ...more

The fate of the frozen embryo

Today's New York Times yields yet another infertility article, this one on the difficulty former IVF patients face in deciding what to do with leftover frozen embryos. ...more

Infertility math

Yesterday I read the cover story in the New York Times Magazine by Alex Kuczynski about her use of a gestational surrogate to become a mother after 11 IVFs and four miscarriages. ...more

Beautifully written post... I know a lot of women going through this right now. I pray that ...more

Rocket man

I don't get many check-ups. Maybe since I am a doctor I think I don't need to have them, the "I know better" syndrome. Maybe I am scared of the unknown or of sharing my deepest secrets or most intimate body parts with a colleague. Maybe I think I know the limitations of medicine. ...more