Permanent Makeup: Would You Tattoo Your Face?

Last week my sister in law and BlogHer's Entertainment Editor, Morgan Shanahan, announced on Instagram that she was about to tattoo her face with permanent makeup and honestly I thought she was joking. Because the images that come to mind when I think about tattooed makeup are not pretty and are not even close to natural. But I was really surprised at how pretty AND natural her results were, even on her fair skin and light brows... ...more
Great article Maegan!  It is BY FAR the greatest thing I have ever done for myself (besides ...more

Learn How To Get The Look of Bangs without Cutting Your Hair!

BlogHer asked if I wouldn't mind choosing a video from their vast inventory of BlogHerTV segments and recreate one of the beauty or hair tutorials to share with you... so of course I agreed! I looked around for a bit, learned a few new tips and tricks, and settled on this fun little ditty below; wherein Judy creates bangs with her long hair without actually cutting her hair. ...more
I have waist length hair, and my family has been bugging me to cut it short, and have bangs. I ...more

2013 Oscars Fashion Recap & Poll: Best Dressed, Worst Dressed, & Everything in Between

Finally, the Oscars -- THE award show of awards show season -- came and went, and with mixed reviews. Though it seemed like the same movies along with the same actors were nominated for every single category, the 85th Academy Awards show was actually quite entertaining. I'm not sure if I loved the A-listers acting as the entertainment for the evening, dancing and singing in their own wild numbers, but it is a show for them and their craft, so why not? ...more
What's the first lady doing at the oscars? What's your opinion this?more

2013 Grammys Fashion Recap: Never Mind the Dress Code, Look at All That Skin!

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards came with some much-mocked dress code restrictions -- "no side boob" or "butt crack" was to show on this year's red carpet. Nevertheless, celebrities came dressed to impress. In fact, I think there was a bit of a rebellion going on, considering all the skin that was showing, especially The Leg Out trend. ...more
Lots of stunning looks this year.  There were several dresses that made me say, "What was she ...more

The 70th Golden Globe Awards Fashion Recap

With a visually retro 60's Hollywood glamour aura, this year's Golden Globe Awards show was light and airy and absolutely fun to watch. The amazing hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, brought their hilarious antics and spared no one, making it feel like a fun party full of A-listers that we get to be a part of for a few hours. And of course, there was the fashion......more
The women look great.  But, Amy Poehler's dress jacket with nothing under it?  I'm kind of over ...more

My Eye Opening Beauty Secrets

I am lucky to have been blessed with an abundance of thick hairs growing from my head but my eyelashes have never been anything to write home about. They are short, straight, and very light. The fact that I have very hooded eyes that are just average in size, doesn't do my eyelashes any favors either. I used to hate my hooded eyes but as I grew older, I realized they made my face look different from everybody else's and I grew to like them. But I've also learned a few tricks and tools to define them and enhance what is good about them....more

Sonia Kashuk Fall 2012 Makeup Collection

Confession: I feel prettier when I wear makeup. I know, it's like wearing my insecurities right on my sleeve, but I do. I feel more feminine and more finished when my face is "on", as my grandma used to say. I don't even feel like I wear that much makeup on the regular, but I do use it to define my features, and enhance the goods to hopefully distract from the bads. ...more
Love the lipstick. Great colors at great prices.more

Trends: What to Avoid and How to Work Them Into Your Wardrobe

Fashion trends are fun. They're new and different and when we're wearing them, somehow make us feel like we're part of the elite fashion crowd, even if only to ourselves. But the key to building a long-lasting and polished wardrobe that will stand the test of time, guarantee you look stylish for decades, and keep your money safely in the bank, is to not fall for every passing fashion trend. Just because you have the "it bag" does not necessarily make you stylish, even if it may feel quite the opposite....more
I definitely agree with this post. It's best to try and keep your money safe by choosing clothes ...more

The 64th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Fashion Recap

Another year of great television and another star-studded Emmy Award show to congratulate all its participants! We saw bright citrus hues, rich jewel tones and printed florals, sultry cut-outs and lace overlays, deep Vs and lots of leg, shimmering sequins and bedazzled bodices, and just a few whimsical goddesses last night at The 64th Annual Emmy Award show and in my opinion, the attendees and nominees didn't disappoint on the red carpet. With so many fun dresses and gowns to choose from, it's difficult to pick a favorite {though I totally did!} We've collected all the gowns for you to scroll through right here! Who made your best and your worst dressed list? Bursting with fruit flavor: Citrus Gowns {This is one of my favorites! I love the turquoise jewelry choice and hint of '60s here}...more
Julia's Vera Wang is exquisite!  And I love the gown Giuliana Rancic wore - check out the fab ...more

Fall Shopping Guide: Leather Motorcycle Jackets

view full outfit post & details here...more
Loving all these new fashions. Love the new colors for fall! Forgetting the fringe look though, ...more