What NOT to Wear vs What TO Wear to Work

Gone are the days of women feeling like they have to dress like a man in a man's world to be taken seriously in the workplace. Wearing the power suits popular in the 80s, or being forced to endure long days squeezed into flesh-toned pantyhose, even worn UNDER your pants is a thing of the past!Today's workplace is a much more casual environment, allowing for more creative styles. But if you're not fashion inclined, or known for your signature style, it may be a bit difficult to know what to wear to work and what to save for the weekend....more
What a great post!  Even summer Friday casual doesn't mean jeans or shorts but, rather, ...more

Summer Cocktails: Blueberry Mojitos

I've had blueberry mojitos on the brain since March of this year, when the husband and I went to out to dinner for his birthday and ordered the most amazing cocktails I've ever sipped! ...more
Sounds delicious! Including the salad! I like another different kind of mojito too- muddle basil ...more

Sonia Kashuk at Target, Beauty for Every Woman

In 1999 the Sonia Kashuk beauty brand was born in partnership with Target stores. At around the very same time, while wandering around Target one day, I found a perfect little eyeshadow brush and, because it was so pretty, I bought it. It was a Sonia Kashuk product, and it was the first eyeshadow brush I bought that didn't come free with an eyeshadow compact. I remember feeling very professional about having purchased it. Though I don't use it daily, I still have the eyeshadow brush - over 10 years later, and I am now well aware of the "luxury at mass" brand that is Sonia Kashuk....more
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Printed Shoes Put a Spring in Your Step!

Beyond classic and timeless animal prints, which everyone seems to be accustomed to now, Spring shoes are bursting with fun bold and floral patterns! From platforms and wedges to ballet flats and lace-ups look for pops of color in stripes and polka-dots, gingham and plaid, florals, tribal prints and hearts and lips. There seems to be the very very high-end versions and the very inexpensive lines but not too many options in between....more
Printed shoes are cute. Too bad they are so spendy.more

Enter to Win! Buyer's Guide Picks From the Experts

Product Picks From the Inspiration to Fitness ExpertsOnce again, we asked our Inspiration to Fitness experts which products they would love to try out from Best Buy, and here are their latest picks! In the comments below, tell us what looks good to you for the chance to win the Perfect Portion Scale and the Epione skin care system*. One lucky reader will win both! (Update 2/29/12: this sweepstakes has now ended....more
I would like the Nike+ SportWatch !more

Buyer's Guide: Picks From the Inspiration Experts

We asked our Inspiration to Fitness experts which products they would love to try out from Best Buy, and here are their picks! In the comments below, tell us what looks good to you for the chance to win the Zeo Mobile and the Personal Microderm Abrasion device. One lucky reader will win both! (Update 2/4/12: this sweepstakes has now ended.)...more
I would love the polar fitness heart monitor--it would be just the thing to jumpstart my fitness ...more

Welcome to BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness Program!

We know it to be true, and hear it every year around the New Year: WE have to take responsibility for our health and exercise habits, and WE must decide to change the way we live our lives every day if we want to become stronger, healthier women. But we don't have to do it alone....more
That was one of the useful exercise if you want to easily trim your fats in your belly. That ...more

Perfectly Stylish Gifts Under $100

Gifts that are the most exciting to receive are the ones you'd never buy for yourself. No matter the cost, some items just seem extravagant and unnecessary. And that's why holiday gift giving is so fun. Here's a list of posh little gifts under $100 for your stylish friends or family members. ...more
Oh my Maegan, you've gone and read my mind! Sending to a certain someone now... Let it be known ...more

A Very Stylish Under $25 Holiday Gift Guide

Some fun and relatively inexpensive picks for those uber-stylish friends and family members you never know just what to get for. Whether alone, in addition to another gift, or even just as a stocking stuffer, any of these gifts will ensure a smile upon opening. Happy Holidays! Live What You Love print $12.75 ...more
This is fun . I like everything on it.more

Elizabeth Taylor's Iconic Collection At Auction

Wow. I mean, WOW. I just spent 15 minutes previewing the Highlights from The Elizabeth Taylor Collection at Christie's and it was completely worth it. From her amazing diamond and jewel collection to her iconic fashion pieces, to movie posters and photographs to her antiques and decorative arts, and WARHOL PAINTINGS......more