President Obama's Chili Recipe, and a Little Cooking Advice for POTUS

Anyone who knows me in real life or follows me on Facebook knows how proudly I support President Obama, but this post isn't about politics. It's about chili. I found the recipe for the president's chili online, and I have to tell you, I have issues. Well, one issue. Mr. President, I hope you don't think it presumptuous that I've altered your recipe just a little bit. With all due respect, it needs more heat. The flavor is great, and really, I've never used turmeric in chili before, so that was fun. Now, you've got to spice it up!...more

On Julia's 100th Birthday: 6 Food Blogging Lessons I Learned From Her

Julia Child taught me everything I know about cooking. During college, in the early 1970s, while my friends cut classes to watch afternoon soaps, I inhaled every episode of The French Chef. I bought her cookbooks when I could find them at the used bookstore in town. I couldn't get enough of Julia, cooking teacher extraordinaire, who dropped, spilled, flung and goofed, but also infused new-to-us recipes and techniques with her special joie de vivre. ...more
Thank you for such a refreshing post about an inspiring woman! As a new blogger myself, I have ...more

What's Not to Love About Google's New Recipe Search? Plenty.

Whether you’re a food blogger who publishes recipes or you’re trying to find a great mac and cheese recipe for dinner, you just might not love Google’s new Recipe View. I don’t love it. Now, I’m neither a programmer, nor a webmaster, nor an expert. I’m a magazine food writer turned part-time blogger five years ago. I have two food blogs, a decent page rank on the more established blog, and a published archive of more than 800 recipes -- not one of which you’ll be able to find with Google’s new recipe search feature. ...more
Look up Kitchen Rose...;)more

How to celebrate Mothers' Day: decorate and donate cookies

Looking for a creative way to honor moms for Mothers' Day this year? Join the Coast-to-Coast Drop In & Decorate® Mothers' Day Celebration, and donate cookies to an agency serving women and children in need in your own community. ...more

Thanks, Kalyn. As of this morning, we're up to 11 events in the US, and one in Canada, for ...more