Best Apps For Hipsters

As a mom of teen girls, why should I care about the apps hipsters are using on their mobile phones? I guess I care because knowing what’s current gives me context while talking with my own kids.So I started thinking about which apps are popular in contemporary culture and turned my notes into this list. From music and photography to money and transportation, let’s check out what’s deemed necessary by today’s modern youth. ...more

The Number One Rule for My Daughter's iPhone

We gave our oldest daughter an iPhone for her 11th birthday. She is now 13. For two years, we have followed a consistent rule for the phone, and I believe this rule has helped our family adapt to technology in a balanced way. Image: Simon Yeo via Flickr via Creative Commons license The Rule is Simple ...more
We had this rule in our home as well when our boys were teens (they're now 22 and 24). We also ...more

How to Get Yourself Out of a Bad Mood

Every so often I have one of those days. Things may look smooth on the outside, but inside my emotions are tangled up like a tumbleweed. If I'm not careful, that day can turn into a period of time when self confidence slips away and self doubt takes its place. Different people experience depression in different ways, and reactions may range from mild to severe. In my case, I've identified a pattern over years; a baseline for what to expect during a down phase. Paying attention to my past gives me assurance that "this too shall pass." ...more

Ways to Help Teens Focus During Online Homework

By seventh grade, 75% of my daughter’s daily homework moved online. Aside from a few math problems and group projects, most essays, quizzes and assignments are constructed and completed through Edmodo or Google Classroom. I noticed the difference about halfway through the year when less paper seemed to clutter the desk. Instead, the Chromebook and charging cord took center stage....more

Five Cell-Free Zones To Keep Family Life Centered

I’ve been happy with the balance we’ve found so far with kids, technology and family life. In analyzing our family’s habits, I noticed five daily routines that keep conversations flowing and cell phones in their place. Do you notice similar habits? Let’s drill down:...more

How to Successfully Return to Your Blog After a Long Break

I started blogging in 2009 and published steadily for five years. Between 2014 and 2015, I took a year-long hiatus from posting on one particular blog. Now I'm focused on getting that site back on track. If you've been away from your blog for too long and now you're getting ready for #BlogHer16, here are some tips for relaunching that blog before August. ...more
glowboge Thank you for commenting. I think the "time to write" question is indicative of the ...more

Am I Too Self-Conscious For Facebook?

I'm having issues with Facebook. What should be an excellent tool for publicizing new blog posts is instead an environment where I rarely feel comfortable speaking. I realized this the other day in one of my Facebook groups. While everyone else publishes new blog posts to their Facebook channels, I can barely write a simple comment without deleting it. What's wrong with me? ...more
gratefulandauthentic Kara, you summarize the point well in mentioning how online, some anonymity ...more

Your Guide to Blogging on Medium

If you regularly read articles on the Internet, chances are that you've come across a post published on Medium. I view Medium as a long form adaptation of social media for people with a lot to say. Will Medium replace traditional blogs one day, or will it enable bloggers to embrace another form of publishing and syndication? I'd like to think it strengthens traditional blogs by providing new outlets for content. ...more
I must check it out - thanks for the heads up :-)more

A Key Side Benefit To The Imbalanced Life

It’s a new year, with many resolution-focused messages centered on life balance. It’s inevitable that as lives get busier, a major hurdle becomes finding the tools that help us live life in balance. But one thing I’d like to remember during the quest for balance is the value my life gains in times of chaos:...more

3 Lessons I Learned About Online Privacy When My Teen Googled Her Name

When my daughter Googled her name following a conversation with friends about who is on the Internet, I turned out to be her biggest online privacy problem. The results of the name search displayed several photos from my personal blog that we thought were labeled anonymously. Uh oh. ...more
MothersCircle Leah, I'm so glad you weighed in and mentioned your hard work on this topic. I ...more