So, Would You Date a Bisexual Guy?

Editor's Note: This piece was first published in April, 2009. I enjoyed the discussion of sexual fluidity and gender identity. For Pride Month, I want to feature more BlogHer posts that discuss queer identities when it comes to dating, love, and sex. - Feminista Jones For someone like me, living in oh so open-minded Northern California, the tabloid press stories about celebrities’ sex lives are kinda puzzling. Every week, there’s a story outing some star’s sexual life:“Gavin Rossdale’s ex-girlfriend is a man!”...more
Bi or not is not a question with me.  But if I choose to be with someone, call me naive, but I ...more

The Renovation Relationship

I'm a real fixer, lining up and dating these guys like they were so many houses to paint and rewire, then turn over to new owners, making a tidy profit in social capital. I was going to make them better, you see, so when I left, they'd know it was okay, because they were in pretty good shape. But is there really a way I can fix this man enough that he won't be shattered when I leave -- or is that just one of the in-denial, rationalizing lies I tell myself? ...more
Hi, Susan.  Speaking as a member of the less fair gender, I can promise you that men are ...more

Month of Awesome Women: Sandy Close

In writing about my hero Sandy Close, it's hard to know where to start.  The end point is easy: Sandy is a over 65+ writer, editor, creator, social change leader and visionary whose work at New America Media and Pacific News Service gives me a map for what fearless, consistent work in the  community-focused media space can look like. Her work is so unique, and her impact so profound, that this year Sandy was the 2011 recipient of the George Polk Career Award, one of journalism's highest accolades. ...more

(REVIEW) Sex After 50: For Pamela Madsen, It's Shameless

Is there good sex after 50? Hell yeah! And if anyone wants a front-row seat at a roller-coaster ride of sexual energy and discovery, the book to glom onto is Shameless, just out from Rodale Press and by Pamela Madsen. Shameless is the story of Madsen’s post-marriage, post-40s, sexual reawakening, a journey that started with some very awkward (and oily) massages and culminated in trips to Arizona and California to explore tantra, spanking and BDSM. ...more

Does the Super Bowl Equal Youth Sex Trafficking? Some Folks in Texas Say Yes

When most people think of Super Bowl Sunday, what comes to mind? If you think tailgate parties, watching the big game at home with a crowd, Super Bowl commercials and half time, cooking special foods, you're pretty typical-- but did you know that part of the hoopla surrounding the Super Bowl involves watching out for pimps who come into town who want to sell kids for sex?...more

There is no doubt that any large events speak to those who are trafficking in women and ...more

Will Twitter's New Promoted Accounts Make Their Business Model Work?

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo caused a stir this week at the IAB Mixx Ad Industory conference in New York when he described "Promoted Accounts," a sponsored placement in the To Follow list that will put businesses at the top of a user's recommended follows list -- for a price. ...more

Oh boy, I dunno. I doubt it on so many levels, but wouldn't be willing to wager much. The quick ...more

Being schooled by (in)justice: Mehserle verdict shows injustice, bias in our society (Op-Ed)

The jury deliberated less than seven hours to reach the verdict in the trial of former BART officer Johannes Mehserle for murdering Oscar Grant: involuntary manslaughter. In other words, although the former officer was found guilty of pulling a gun on Grant and shooting him in the back as he lay face down, hand-cuffed, on a platform, the jury did not find that Mehserle had any intent to end Grant's life when he pulled his gun and shot him in the back as he lay handcuffed on the platform, face down, with another officer's knee pushing into in his back....more

Modern Slavery in America (Part 3): Pimps Are the Worst Kind of Predators

Wiley said, when the police scan online classifieds on Craigslist and the escort service site My Redbook, they sometimes find 50 to 100 individuals advertised from the Bay Area who look like teenagers -- even though they are described as adults. With cell phones, a john can call up a number on the advertisement and "have a girl delivered." ...more

Modern Day Slavery in America (Part 2): There Is No Such Thing As a Child Prostitute

Who is this "commodity" being traded on the street? Statistically she is a 13-year-old girl who has run away from an abusive parent, guardian or foster home. Too young to fend for herself as a runaway, she ends up under the control of a pimp who promises to take care of her. Then the trafficker turns on her and, either by emotional manipulation or physical threat, gets the girl to work the streets to bring in money. ...more

There are little girls who walk here from Mexico. Everyday just these little illegals live a ...more

Modern Day Slavery in America: Sex Trafficking in Oakland Is Big Business

Oakland Local, a web site run by BlogHer Contributing Editor Susan Mernit, is running an original investigative series on youth sex trafficking in the Bay area. This story is reposted from that series at Oakland Local. It's nearly midnight on a Thursday and teen-age girls are on every corner of International Boulevard in the dozen blocks stretching south from 41st Street. Many are dressed up. But this is not prom night or a concert letting out. ...more

This, and many more horrors, have continued on and on and on, for lifetimes. Let's hope ours ...more