Recreational Car Batteries - What You Must Know About


There are two main uses for batteries – coach as well as house batteries. Coach batteries are the ones that are used to start the RV. They are usual 12 V car or truck sort batteries and are basically designed to provide extreme amperage for a short span of time. The house batteries, on the other hand, are deep cycle batteries that are designed to offer lower amperage for a longer period of time.

We mostly know about the coach batteries and can identify when it is time for them to be replaced. They usually last 3 to 5 years. You can easily figure out when a coach battery gets bad and shows signs by causing issues while starting the engine, it cranks slowly or even dies quickly if the lights are left on. Proper inspection and maintenance should be followed.

House batteries are complex to cover just because of the broad range of types and usability they offer.  These batteries are basically designed to run everything in the rig, from the heaters and fans to lights even. Nearly everything in the RV makes use of electricity generated from the batteries. These should provide current for a longer period. Usually, house batteries can be called on to provide amperage for days when there is low current/power. These batteries are called as deep cycle batteries. All RV batteries run on a 12 V DC system. On the other hand, not all of the RVs make use of 12 V batteries. Mostly motorhomes consume 6-v batteries. These are usually called as golf cart batteries as that is a primary use for them. 6-volt batteries provide amperage over longer periods which make them perfect for the RVers who prefer going on camping without electricity for a few days.

The fact is that the more costly the RV battery is the better and longer it will last. Opting for maintenance free batteries merely means that you do not have to add water as a vital part of maintaining them.

Considering maintenance, you must know what sort of maintenance should be performed and when it must be done. If an RV battery is in use on a routine basis, make sure to keep it cleaned and charged, as it will require more maintenance. If your battery is being used to provide amperage for a specific period of time, a trickle charger can be used to charge them up.