Renee Blodgett

As CEO and Founder of Magic Sauce MediaTM, Renee offers a very personalized... read more

Renee Blodgett


As CEO and Founder of Magic Sauce MediaTM, Renee offers a very personalized approach of working with clients, their customers and the influencers that impact them. She has been providing full service strategic communications and marketing consulting for global companies and executives for over twenty years.  

She ran Blodgett Communications for close to a decade, before launching Magic Sauce Media in 2010. Her global approach comes from living in ten countries and visiting more than 65, giving her a unique understanding of how cultural nuances impact brand and corporate perception. She has launched companies, services and products from around the world, including South Africa, Australia, Holland, Scotland, India, England, Belgium, Germany, Israel, and France.

Her market approach focuses on driving demand and traffic, creating brand awareness and cutting-edge strategies, building and nurturing customer relationships, increasing partnerships and sales and building loyalty. She understands grassroots media, what they look for and how they think. As one of the first marketing and PR bloggers in the industry, she represented and worked with leading blog software developers and RSS tools when they first launched in the nineties.

Renee blogs at Down the Avenue, which combines technology, culture and life’s passions under one roof. Her blog was voted the top blog in a month long contest, up against some of the top blogs and agencies in the world, many of which represent Fortune 500 companies.

She is the founder of We Blog the World, a global blog network dedicated to stories, voices, and content about society, business, technology and culture from around the world.

Renee is founder of Magic Sauce Photography, which extends her storytelling through visually rich images from across the globe. On her site, you can view over ten photography portfolios and 6 photo books. There is more photography over on We Blog the World in the photography and photos sections.

She is also the co-founder of Traveling Geeks, whose mission is to collaborate with global technology innovators and influencers in various countries, cross pollinate ideas and mentor organizations and individuals, and then share that knowledge through blogging, video, podcasts, social media tools and meet-ups.

Previously, she headed up worldwide corporate communications for leading speech recognition player Dragon Systems, through to the acquisition to Lernout & Hauspie, now Nuance. Blodgett’s agency experience is extensive with posts at Brodeur Worldwide, London-based Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising and Saatchi & Saatchi Direct, Porter Novelli, Cone, and Cudaback Strategic Communications.

Renee has held advisory board positions on b5 Media, a global new media network, Cozmo Media, which taps into community to put video content in front of the right audience, Toktumi, a virtual home office VoIP phone solution, BlogHer, the first conference and group blog dedicated to women bloggers, which now has nearly 20,000 blogs in its global network, Radus, a dynamic media rich social network and content aggregator and PopTech, an innovation conference whose goal is to accelerate the positive impact of world changing people and ideas. She is also the co-curator of TEDxBerkeley, an independently organized TED event.