NAOT, Stylish & Comfy Boots for the Travelers Among You...

I recently discovered an eclectic, fashionable and comfortable walking shoe brand out of Israel called NAOT, though they are largely distributed by Yaleet in the U.S. market. They are apparently Israel's leading manufacturer and exporter of shoes. It's easy to see why! We saw them in a shop while on doing a tour of northern California and thought they would be a great choice for avid travelers given their super comfortable insoles as soft leather....more

Stylish Helly Hansen, Helly Hansen for Spring Skiing & Outdoor Activities

Frequent skiers will likely know of Helly Hansen as they're known for ski jackets, down jackets and shells. Given that they're based in Norway, it's no surprise that they know how to make great gear and clothing for winter sports and ocean activities like boating where harsh weather is a factor. And, they've been around since 1877 -- yes, really....more

Decadence at Saratoga Springs Pavilion Grand Hotel

I'm not a newcomer to Saratoga Springs New York, home of the infamous race track and spring water. In fact, I grew up in the Adirondacks as regular readers of this site know, so truth be told, I am biased (in a positive way) about the area. I know how locals think, tick, create, cook and sleep....more

Eating, Playing and Being in Idaho's Sun Valley

I’ve written about Sun Valley before a few times from top foodie picks and the Sun Valley Lodge to skiing and photo walks...more

A Deep Dive Into The Food of Curaçao

Plasa Bieu is Curaçao's traditional old market in Punda, a main meeting place where locals interact over Creole dishes in the island's capital city Willemstad. It is the place I would learn about cactus soup and goat stew and watch locals prepare island delicacies for hours on end in massive sized pots on flaming hot grills.It wasn't the first place I began sampling Creole food however, nor was it last on the list before I left this charming little island boasting a rich cultural heritage, a deep history and to-die-for views from pristine beaches....more

Woodstock New York Still Attracts Artsy Songwriters

I had an opportunity to stop through Woodstock New York in upstate New York after a friend's wedding last month. Woodstock is most known for its wild rock and roll (and drug) parties and famous festival in the 1960's. It also has a historical past as far back as the 1800s, when it played host to numerous Hudson River School painters....more

3 Great Nashville Tennessee Restaurant Picks

Below are 3 great foodie picks for Nashville Tennessee, all with very different ambiance, flavor and food. Husk Restaurant: Located in Rutledge Hill—just a few blocks south of Historic Broadway, in the heart of Downtown Nashville—is the newest outpost of the Neighborhood Dining Group and James Beard award-winning Chef Sean Brock renowned restaurant, Husk....more

Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior, a Small Town Tale of Global Warming & Climate Change

Climate Change. Global Warming. Whatever title you give “it,” we don’t talk about “it” at dinner parties, not in the same way we discuss things which happen at our child’s school, the latest movie or episode of Mad Men or where we’re going on vacation this year....more

Baking Bread With Villagers in Lithuania’s Rumšiškės

I love instruments, especially ones I haven’t seen or heard before. In rural Lithuania when I ventured to Eastern Europe in April, I was mesmorized by the soothing sound of the Kanklės, which is a Lithuanian plucked string musical instrument from the zither family. The instrument is similar in construction and origin to the Latvian Kokle, Russian Gusli, Estonian Kannen and Finnish Kantele....more

Chef Dimitri Demjanov Adds Fun To His Estonian Cuisine

As I walk up to Tallinn’s Restaurant Gloria with eight colleagues, our group is met by Gloria’s chef, Dimitri Demjanov, a vivacious and energetic character who looked and acted like he came out of a culinary storybook from the 1930s.  The restaurant is so steeped in history, it’s no surprise that his unbridled energy and jovial personality coupled with the venue’s heritage would leave a lasting impression on us all....more