Vivian Paley, 'The Boy on the Beach' @ 57th Street Books

Because I am essentially a big nerd, I envisioned that the 57th Street Bookstore would be teeming with early childhood enthusiasts.  I feared that if my friend and I arrived any later than 5:30 pm, we would have to squeeze through a standing-room-only crowd to get a decent vantage of the visiting author, and that I’d have to wait forever to get a book signed, if there were even any copies of the book left.  I am pleased to say that while the event was well-attended, my anxiety was unwarranted.  And it was a lovely time listening to Vivian Gussin Paley talk about child...more

Is Preschool Valuable? Get the facts! Some Useful Pre-K Research Resources…

John Holland of Inside Pre-K writes about 'Fueling the Pre-K Fire' and the effects of negative reports about preschool education.  According to Holland:...more

Writing about Early Childhood, (Re)introducing Myself to BlogHer

Why do I write about early childhood issues?  Because you have to start at the beginning....more

Mama, Mommy, Mom, Momma, etc...

I've been having this discussion with a friend of mine, and it's been kind of touched on in the earlier Grappling with Semantics, Grabbing the Power discussion: How do you feel about associating yourself with the term 'mommy?' ...more

It doesn't matter to me, as long as there isn't a sarcastic tone or a whiney tone or a fake tone ...more

Introducing Me, and a question about the 'Race & Ethnicity' category...

Hi - I'm Atena. I was very excited to find this community of women bloggers. I hope that it is as dynamic as I feel like it probably is - blogging is such an exciting form of expression, and I love being a part of such a sprawling network of fascinating, compelling, radical and revolutionary writers. ...more

and welcome. :)

You make a key point -- one that applies to Race & Ethnicity, Sex & ...more