My Memories of Traveling While Black

As a child, we had very interesting travel arrangements. In the 1970s and 80s our family—from mixed race parents—would travel separately at times. We either went down South to visit my father's side of the family in New Orleans, or we drove up North to South Dakota to visit my mother's family. There were summers where my older sister and I would drive the 13 hours from Chicago with our father and stay with his sister for what seemed to be an eternity. Having grown up in a diverse area of Chicago made our visits there seem pointed. ...more
I've actually written a post here about being mistaken for the nanny. My mother was constantly ...more

Black History Month: How I Learned About Medgar Evers

Sometime in the mid-1990s I went to see Ghosts of Mississippi at the theatre with a friend of mine. All I knew about it was that she wanted to see it and asked me, but I hadn't known what it was going to be about. Of course, if I had seen the movie today I would be outraged. I have a different lens on such things, historical films that try to tell the story of one person but end up making a hero out of another. I suppose that's a sort of progress in a way. ...more
I learned about Mr. Evers when I was 6 years old. I had been too young to understand what was ...more

The Right to Eat Lunch Wherever You Want

Men like this made it possible, through their peaceful demonstrations, for my father to eat a meal in a public place. Wherever he wanted. I thought about that as I called my dad recently to make sure he was someplace safe and warm since a blizzard was hitting Chicago (and everywhere else). ...more

Your dad sounds like an amazing man. (You sound pretty swell yourself.)

Contributing ...more

DonorsChoose: How to Help Celebrate 10 Years of Funding Classrooms

I'm going to tell you something about education and you won't be a bit surprised: We're underfunded. The lack of resources that teachers have to deal with should be enough to make the even the toughest, most cynical, pessimistically gruff person blush with embarrassment. ...more
DonorsChoose has made such a difference for my students' learning and growth. I'm very grateful! ...more

BlogHer '10 Shoes: How to Choose the Right Pair

Women talk about shoes, as my male friends tell me, "all the time," and BlogHer is no exception. I can't readily argue with them about that point so I will just admit my weakness right here and now for all to witness. Hi, my name is Kelly and I love shoes and love wearing shoes and love looking at shoes. Why am I outing myself like this?...more
I bought my daughter the zombie stompers, they are crazy wild cool shoes!  more

Dear Shirt Dress Offenders: Put Some Pants On!

Dear Shirt Dress Offenders,You've been bothering me for a very long time. I see you women out in the Shirt Dress, a fashionable item that conjures up the very word "sexy" and is also quite comfortable. The appeal is there for me, that is certain. In fact, I recall a time when I was at home with my sisters and we were trying on men's shirts that belonged to our dad and we thought we were HOT. STUFF....more

Shirts are shirts and never look like a proper dress. Period!more

Alternative Fashion Finds: Work Clothes with Personality

As a professional woman who must dress the part I am just fine with wearing Business Attire to work. It's a safe choice to wear a black suit that includes a skirt, a blouse, and a jacket. Respectable even. But, if I were honest, I'd say that it gets entirely too boring at times. It's like a uniform and I have plenty of them, but I also have some "fun" items, too. Mostly, this includes wearing brightly colored tights with some of my outfits or funky jewelry that spices everything up or even scarves....more

I keep my clothes conservative for work but add a "different" accessory - can be shoes, bag, a ...more

Education in America: My Job Insecurity

Lately, my posts about education are getting more and more frequent. There is also, of course, the creeping in of posts about pregnant girls that lead naturally back to my own pregnant teen years. It’s hard to miss that the word “years” was plural. The more I do that, the more I get questions (via e-mail or messages) about whether or not it’s okay that I write about my work. I’ve been called “gutsy” and “brave” for writing about my job and people wonder how I fly under the radar at work. Truth be told, I’m not under the radar. ...more

I used to want to be a high school teacher (English!) and your posts sometimes rekindle that ...more

Hair Recipes

What is it that women talk about when they get together in the company of other women? No, not food. Or sex. Well, not my friends anyway. When we get together we talk about hair.Women of color, in particular, are all about asking how we do things to our hair. In my own experience i have found that talking to other women and listening to what works for them helps me add to my own recipe for what works on my hair. Each time I learn something from these women I take their knowledge, try a few things out on myself, and then come up with an amended version that works for me....more

So now two women on this thread have talked about henna. Do you buy it at a beauty supply ...more

Makeup Bag Clean Out: Keep the Best, Toss the Rest

2010 is the year of de-cluttering. Do you know how I know this? Because I just declared it so for myself....more

Whenever I get a new makeup bag I always do a product cleanse - its so motivating to start ...more