Parenting past the third trimester, all the way through school

Reality keeps reminding me how important my role as parent is, even now here midway through the elementary/middle school years (our kids go to a school that goes from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade, so for us it’s all one school. Middle school starts in 5th grade. One is in 4th, one is in 6th this year.) ...more

On girls and women and careers and balance and having it all

Many different factors keep pointing me to the need to write this. 72 (75, 77, whichever study you look at, it does't matter) cents on the dollar. Having it all. Girls in tech. Women's issues in this election season. ...more

Your Parenting Tip of the Day: Bookmark folders for each kid

Parenting Tip: Create a folder of Bookmarks for each childMy kids love playing on the computer. I'm on the computer a lot during the day while they're in school and I often come across a site or activity that I think they would enjoy. ...more

Cauliflower sweet potato creme fraiche pasta casserole recipe

Cauliflower/sweet potato creme fraiche pasta casserole...more

If you should come to our house this holiday season...

If you should come to our house this holiday season, I hope you will see the chaos and think kindly of us. ...more
8 year-old*more

Family Holiday Movie Rental Review Roundup

So another holiday weekend has come and almost gone. We've hardly left the house in days. However I, being a wise and intelligent mom (this ain't my first rodeo...) visited the handy dandy Redbox nearest our home on Wednesday morning to procure us some Holiday Rental Delights.To save you some trouble, here's my extremely opinionated view of the movies we saw this weekend:...more

Book Review - Matched by Ally Condie

I just finished Matched by Ally Condie. It was excellent, I highly recommend it. It is a(nother) YA dystopia. What I found interesting was how the author manipulated the limited point of view of the main character to have us, the readers, brought along on the journey to see how the existing Society was oppressing the main character and all of those she holds dear. ...more
No yet, but will put it on my TBR list...more

Dear my teenage self, it's me

I was incredibly moved by this video, posted by a friend (who I think is friends with the video author:)    ...more

Indie ebook publishing links and website recommendations

Independent Publishing Links and Website RecommendationsI was asked to sit on an author's marketing panel tonight with my writer's group. We got together with a group that's more focused on book marketing (our group is a "writer's support group" - we talk about craft and do writing exercises and cheer each other on. It's a little different spin than many critique circles you'll hear about.) ...more

Just what do you *DO* all day?

I read this great q/a post by Carolyn Hax in the Washington Post today and almost got whiplash from nodding so vehemently. Even the most sensitive husband (again I remind you that I write from the point of view of the sometimes stay-at-home wife/mom, who also works sometimes, writes, volunteers, and does a thousand other things....more