Weekend Menu Planning: Healthy Homemade Chicken Nuggets for a School-Night Dinner

School starts soon in the U.S., which brings back the school-night dinner dilemma of finding easy menus that kids and parents will both like. I'm here to remind you that kids love chicken nuggets, and homemade chicken nuggets are better tasting, more healthful, and less expensive than fast food nuggets or the frozen heat-and-eat type. Here are some ideas for homemade nuggets that could become a regular part of your family's dinner rotation. ...more

Hi Kalyn,

How do we go about having recipes from a site featured?  I have a baked ... more

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My name is Renee, I am an early childhood literacy consultant, freelance writer, author of my blog Cutie Booty Cakes, and mom of a toddler. Whew! Just writing that made me tired. I currently reside in Atlanta but grew up on the water in Long Island, New York. I am now a Georgia Peach we affectionately call this place HOTlanta. Plan a visit here during the summer months and you will understand why the name is a perfect fit.

Boston Area BlogHer Meetup Sponsors

We've been quietly working on getting some sponsors for our meetup on June 13th, and I am pleased to announce our first confirmed sponsor, Peapod.com Peapod's donation should cover the burgers, fixings and soft drinks for our cook-out, and even better, the groceries will be delivered right to my house! It doesn't get much better than that.

I'll bring the snacks! Let share a room.

Looking for a roomie and room, I have not purchased mine yet and wanted to check on here to see if anyone else might still be in need first.  I don't snore...at least Hubby hasn't ever said anything.  I am a clean person by nature and promise to make my bed every morning.  I am also a non-smoker.   My blog is Mom of Faith.  Let me know if you are interested...I promise to bring snacks:)     ...more

I have a room now, could use a roomie

I've booked a room in the new Comfort Suites across the river from the conference, about a 10 minute walk away.  The room/suite has a bed and a pull out couch, and a kitchen.  (I'm happy to take the couch!).  I got a good deal from TravelZoo - the total cost is $330 USD from Thursday to Sunday. I am happy to stay by myself, but if I get a room mate, it will be really cheap for both of us! I'm coming down (alone) from Toronto.  And I'm not very weird. my blog http://wherewiller.wordpress.com     ...more

Still need a roomie?  what i it rains one day? we split a taxi?


need a room AND roommate

Yeah, I waited too long and now the Sheraton won't let me book a room on the Thursday - the earliest day to book is Friday, which leaves me with nowhere to sleep on Thursday night.  I was hoping someone else had booked a room already but still needed a roommate?  I'm cool, clean, mid-20's, fun and friendly!  Any takers?  Email me at laradavid (dot) blog (at) gmail (dot) com.  Thanks! ...more

Still need roomie? thurs fri sat night?  please email me at savorthethyme@cox.net more

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