If I wrote a book...

  If I wrote a book it would be about being my mental illness.  I would have no other choice because that it is the one constant thing in my life I have always come back to. I've just never known what it was it or what to call it. But last January 2010 that all changed when I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Mood Disorder and PTSD... ...more

Hitting the wall at full speed...

Hitting the wall at full speed...It's been a tough couple of weeks. Posting has been sparse and there's good reason for it. I'm going through what some might call a 'rough patch'. I've hit a wall. No, not a literary wall, but rather a mental wall. The kind that forces you to stay home from work. The kind that puts you in your vehicle and drive to the clinic to ask for help. And that's exactly what I did. ...more

She shoots, she scores!

She shoots, she scores!She shoots, she scores! A spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame that is. Yes you read it correctly, women have finally made it in the eyes of gate keepers at the Hockey Hall of Fame....more

Six Lanes Going Nowhere Fast

The Evolution of the Bunny Costume

The Evolution of the Bunny CostumeHere's a theory of mine that I'm working on: Google "bunny costumes" and you'll three distinct categories of bunny costumes available. Firstly, there's the cute and adorable bunny costumes for invents and toddlers. Secondly, there the blander variety of bunny costume available for the pre-teen age group. Third and finally, there's the sexed up bunny costume for the teen girl. It's just a theory.... ...more

Where We Stand On Maternal Health

Where We Stand On Maternal HealthHopefully the media coverage of the handful of  not-so-peaceful protesters at G20 did not over shadow what the purpose of the summit was for. My fear is that for some women it became too much of a circus too follow and not engaging enough to bring the issues home. ...more

Celebrities: The Cost of Fame

Maternal Health

Tuesday, March 23, 2010...more

Originally posted on my blog: http://wwwiamwomanhearmeroar.blogspot.com on March 24th 2010:

A ...more

Icing On My Cake


Yay for Redneck Mommy!

Yay for Redneck Mommy! She was awarded a Bloggie for the Best Canadian Blog of the Year! Check it out here. I paid my respects to her on my blog here because posting about my blogging idol is long overdue! Cheers!...more

Awesome!  I'm so happy for you!


JustLinda ...more