Social Media Is a Warm Gun: A Dangerous Tweet About Depression

The scary thing about social media is it has a nasty habit of allowing some dude who Googled stuff that one time and thought about some things and then decided maybe it would be fun to share them with his MySpace friends (I'm loosely paraphrasing, but seriously, only loosely) appear to be an expert of some kind. ...more

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Maternal Health

Tuesday, March 23, 2010...more

Originally posted on my blog: on March 24th 2010:

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All that Yaz: Should We Get Rid of Birth Control Pills?

When it was introduced, Yasmin (and its sidekick, Yaz) was not just a birth control pill, but a girl's best friend. I mean, other pills have clinical names, like Necon 7/7/7 (my pill) or Lo-Ovral (my former pill) or Ortho TriCyclen (my former former pill) or Alesse (my former former former pill), so it's clear that they are just medicines. I didn't think I was going to hang out and talk about boys with Lo-Ovral, but I might with Yaz. Yaz is a person's name. It's kicky. I can trust my friend Yaz. ...more

I think it`s vital to acknowledge that at the end of the day birth control is a product that ... more

BlogHer's New Web Site

Welcome to BlogHer's new Web site. Our goal for this project is to deliver you a visual platform as vibrant as the words we read on women's blogs every day. A site that says life well said. ...more

Just a quick word of thanks and appreciation for the redo on the site. This new BlogHer ... more

Women's History Month: Writing Our Own Stories Word by Word

Who have you told your story to? Have you written it down? Have you published it? Have you sat across a table from someone and told it to someone? These questions have been swirling around in my head since I found out that the theme of this year's National Women's History Month is "Writing Women Back Into History." ...more

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Stunt Vaginas on the Big Screen

I was at girls' night out, complaining about how I hate that scene in the movie Knocked Up when Katherine Heigl’s character is giving birth and one of the stoner roommates walks into the delivery room and runs out because he sees her vagina. ...more

 I couldn't stop laughing when I read your post. I couldn't agree more. Well said and ... more

Why Comments Matter (to me)

I find the sociology behind social networking online fascinating.Quite likely, if you post an article here that has to do with blogging or social networking in general, I will have an opinion that I feel compelled to share.  I will hope that the comments section of your article will burst to life with riveting discussion and dissenting opinions.  I love that stuff.  Truly and well....more

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Girls Can't Be Girls: Canadian Women's Hockey Team Knocked for Drinking, Smoking on Ice

I love it that the Canadian women's hockey team celebrated their third straight Olympic gold win in the same way they scored it:  boldly, fiercely, with strength and camaraderie.  I hate it that they are getting grief for it. I hate it that they (or Hockey Canada, at least) felt they had to apologize. ...more

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Weight Watchers-Friendly Food Blogs

Imagine the promise of it all! "Lose weight fast!" and "Eat the foods you want and watch the pounds vanish!" and "Forget about killing yourself with sweaty workouts." (Ahem. And just ignore the fine print: "Actual results will vary.") ...more

Good for you for publishing these websites and bringing Weight Watchers user's closer ... more

Are At-Home Parties Fun Fetes or Stressful Soirees?

This morning I picked up the phone, only to hear my friend in an utter state of panic on the other end. The cause of her anxiety? An at-home jewelry party she absolutely had to attend in order to remain in the good graces of her new boyfriend's family. Now, my friend loves her boyfriend. And she loves his family. What she doesn't love, however, is this type of jewelry. In fact, she absolutely hates it. ...more

No one should feel obligated to spend money they don't have and by showing up to these ... more