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My father has expressed his artistic self with visual arts and music all his life.

My ... more

you are not a lurker

My friend Willow wrote a charming piece last week about the “peeping tom” nature of the blogging world...more

I'm with you BakinBaker! 

And it's true - you build up a blog network by being ... more

you are not a lurker

My friend Willow wrote a charming piece last week about the “peeping tom” nature of the blogging world...more

I agree - It's great to get comments and feedback, but it's not the sole reason I do ... more

Had Surgery in Canada? You May Have Also Had an Unintended Pelvic Exam

The headline screamed at me. It couldn't have been any louder: "Time To End Pelvic Exams Done Without Consent." You mean, pelvic exams without consent happen? Regularly? In Canada? ...more

I was in the middle of writing about a nasty attack on Women's Studies programs in ... more

throw it at the wall and see if it sticks

I started to write a blog post about an ugly, scathing indictment against Women’s Studies programs that appeared in the National Post’s editorial section this morning.  <!--break-->The thing is filled with grand sweeping generalizations (like all Women’s Studies programs are developed and taught by radical feminists) and implications (like all feminists are radicals) and hateful and baseless accusations (like Women’s Studies has taught us that heterosexual sex is bad and women are victims and that it has “done untold damage to families, court systems, labour laws, constitutional freedoms and even the ordinary relationships between men and women.”)  ...more

...two steps back



my nephew dropped me on facebook

Not the one who just got married.  The other one who also happens to be breaking out of a starting gate into a new life.  In this case:  high school.  ...more

Well, I got his mother's point.  She could care less if he's swearing around his ... more

The Body Shop Teams Up With Cambodian Anti-Slavery Activist Somaly Mam

Somaly Mam is a vocal activist in the fight against child sex trafficking industry in Cambodia.   ...more

These days there is an increase in the movement to make critical choices in the products we ... more

how to get rid of a week like that

It was one of those weeks.  I’ve been having a lot of those lately.  Friday afternoon comes, and I’m finally presented with that longed-for three-day weekend which I recieve as if it’s a bundle of new line-dried sheets. And I haven’t even left the office yet when my sister sends me a text: “What are you doing?  Want to do something?” Heavens me, of COURSE I want to do something! Before I catch the bus to go home, it’s decided.  Cathy will come into town and stay over and we’ll have a sister night.  ...more

It can be your plan for an upcoming weekend!



A Mini Rant- Ann Coulter on The View on Single Mothers

There was a time when I owned an Ann Coulter book, I'm sorry and slightly embarrassed to admit that, but I did. When I found out she was going to be on The View I was intrigued, I thought she would have to be insane to go on that show, but here she is, in all her vitriolic glory. Immediately, she was spouting off about single mothers, saying their children are a "farm team for future criminals and social outcasts." ...more

I don't know who this Ann Coulter is, but people who make sweeping generalizations and paint ... more

Announcing the First Annual Ladyblog Awards

Have an amazing blog, but haven't been noticed? Looking for a way to give another blogger some extra recognition? Then submit a nomination to the first annual Ladyblog Awards, designed to honor the most creative, consistent, quality bloggerettes on the 'net. Awards will be given in five different areas: ...more

Why is conservatism a qualifying factor for the political blog?