13 Signs Your Kids Are in Catholic School

 1. In your house, you’re never more than five feet away from a set of Rosary beds- plastic ones, handmade ones, paper ones, wooden ones. They. Are. Everywhere....more

Why It's Important to Return to the Lazy Summers of Our Youth

Last year I wrote a now infamous blog post titled "Top 10 Ways to Give Your Kids a 1970s Summer." It has been read and shared over one million times, and has appeared on a variety of websites from general parenting to outdoor/free range parenting, to humorous parenting. Ironically, I wrote it in a matter of minutes, when my kid’s school year was winding down and I was dreading the modern mom’s responsibility of filling up 12 weeks of summer with fun, fun, fun!...more

Lost Faith in the Future? Spend a Day in High School

Five minutes of watching the news and you will wonder how the world, how mankind, and all of humanity is going to survive. We are told our young people are all into crime, gang violence, are depressed,  or addicted to prescription drugs or the internet.  They are spoiled, coddled, and have no work ethic....more

5 Things You Should Have Done In Pre-Marital Counseling

I am a Catholic, I married a Catholic, and as such we were required to undergo something called pre-cana class, or pre-marital counseling class, which is typically given by a priest. A PRIEST.   Uuuhhhhh, yea. But NO. I did not want someone who is not actually married giving me advice and counseling on how to be married. Sure,  he is married to Christ, but Jesus doesn't leave the toilet seat up, fart in bed, and forget to buy milk....more

You Won't Believe How Fast It Goes Now

   I remember everything about that morning. The breakfast, the getting dressed in the tiny navy shorts and uniform polo, tying his shoes, packing his favorite  lunch foods in the Blue’s Clue’s lunchbox.  I remember the sad drive there, and thinking silently in my head, “Is he going to be ok there all day? What if he just wants to come home? His teacher doesn’t know any of his likes and dislikes!...more

If This Is Your First Year With All Your Kids In School

  Two years ago it happened. The day I had been waiting, anticipating, and desperately pining for like no other day. After being an at home mom to four little boys for 14 years, all of my boys would finally be in school. All of them, in real school, all day. I was bursting at the seams when I finally dropped the youngest son off at kindergarten. The whole day lay ahead of me, and with it so many deliciously liberating options!  I could go home and go back to bed....more

The South In Your Mouth

   The South In Your Mouth ...more