Avon PR Fail Fire Storm

Avon PR Fail? By now you have probably heard about the big uproar in regards to the WTF interview Avon did with All About Romance. The interview was conducted mainly with the Avon Romance Editor May Chen and VP/Executive Editor Lucia Macro. I welcome you to read the interview yourself and come to your own assumptions. But I must highlight this part that has myself and I would ...more

Amazon, Why Have You Forsaken The Erotic?

Amazon, Why Have You Forsaken The Erotic? Come Monday Amazon is going to have a world of woe on their doorstep. If you haven't heard, Amazon is stripping all gay & lesbian fiction, and erotic fiction of their Amazon sales rankings. ...more

It actually goes beyond LGBT fiction and erotic fiction - nonfiction books are being censored ...more

Recession Heats Up Romance: The Snarky Version

Recession Heats Up Romance: The Snarky Version A few days ago I posted a wonderful article from the New York Times about why romance novels are doing so well during the recession. Well, there was bound to be another article where the tone, shall we say, is less then satisfactory in its telling. ...more

Top 10 Greatest Evildoers in Fiction

Top 10 Greatest Evildoers in Fiction Stephen King has list ...more


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What Would You Do?

A Stranger Passes Out On the Sidewalk. What Would You Do? ...more

The Obsession With Twitter

The Obsession With Twitter ...more

 I had a "false start" on Twitter about a year ago (read:  I read all up on it and ...more

Don't Forget to Thank Your Toilet

I began to read a book when something caught my eye. It wasn’t a big surprise that I couldn’t finish the book, which made it a DNF (do not finish), but is was the acknowledgements page. What surprised me about the author’s acknowledgements is that it went on for almost six pages! This is the longest acknowledgement I have ever read in a book. ...more

Celebrities Writing Fiction

Celebrities Writing Fiction A few days ago I began reading Death’s Daughter by Bu ...more

I've been wanting to check this out and never remember when it's a good time to check my library ...more

Queen of the Darkness Book Review *Anne Bishop*

Queen of the Darkness and Final Thoughts on the Black Jewels Trilogy Queen of the Darkness, the third and final book in Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy is comparable to that of the movie, Return of the Jedi. I can’t help ...more

Proud to Read Romance Books

When I was growing up I was much of a loner, all the way up until I graduated high school. As cliche as it sounds, books were my only friend. I don’t deny that I am a little out there, perhaps a bit eccentric. Some people just don’t get me. One being my father. He can’t understand why I read “those books”. This is the same man that will go on for hours about the Yankees and knows every single fact about this team since they began. I am seriously in awe of his memory. ...more