Weekend Menu Planning: Lots of Uses for Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

I'll bet lots of you think of teriyaki sauce as something that comes in a bottle, but actually, this slightly sweet sauce from Japan couldn't be easier to make at home. When you make teriyaki sauce yourself, the flavor is fresh, it's free of preservatives, and it's much less expensive than buying bottled sauce. Teriyaki flavors can go with chicken, pork, beef, seafood, or tofu, and it's a nice finishing sauce to add interest to grilled foods, making it perfect for summer. ...more

Thanks for the link Kalyn! Actually, 'teriyaki sauce' itself was a product originally created in ... more

Dip Into Some Cheese Fondue for New Year's Eve

In that interesting way where everything that's old becomes new again, fondue is back. In major cities across the U.S., fondue restaurants are trendy, and fondue pots are plentiful in the stores again. I'm old enough to remember fondue cooking the first time around, so I know this type of communal activity is perfect for parties. Most people love cheese, so I'm thinking cheese fondue is a perfect thing to serve for New Year's Eve. ...more

Hi Kalyn! Martha was actually my mother-in-law (I know I rather purposefully obscured that in my ... more

Hating Hate Speech: Safety for Kathy Sierra and all women online

Resource for action: What do you do when you're cyberstalked, taunted or abused online? I spent most of today offline at UC Berkeley, where I gave a talk to journalists from newspaper and television newsrooms on the value of participating in social media. I extolled the value of user comments and the quality of conversation on BlogHer and in the blogosphere. Ironically, I then came home to an RSS reader and emails pointing to this post by Kathy Sierra: ...more

I never thought I'd be agreeing with Michelle Malkin! But I do, in this case. And with Elise ... more

Hometown Destinations: The Local Farmers Market

Here's an easy, easy way to give your hometown farmers market a worldwide audience ... just participate in I Was Really Just Very Hungry's upcoming Destinations event. And there's a prize! So who's visiting the local farmers market? a nearby green market? ...more

Deb and everyone else, it's fine to not have photos if you can't get them. And I can totally ... more

I say Tomaaaaaaahhhhhto!

[img_assist|fid=1208|thumb=0|alt=tomato photo] August means the start of tomatoes declares Michelle at Je Mange La Ville. Consequently, seasonal eaters are celebrating this late summer fruit all over the web. Granitas, sandwiches, pastas, salads and more. Even a food fight. There is something tomato here for everyone... ...more

I wonder when you actually sleep Sam... :o

Makiko Itoh who is more

Ex Pats Taste the World

If there's a crowd in the food blog world, it's the one comprised of ex patriates, people living away from their birthplaces for school, for love, for work; for now, for awhile, for life. Just look: we are Japanese-American living in Switzerland ... South African living in England and ... ...more

Actually, I'm a Japanese-American living in Switzerland :)

I think that a main theme of my more