St. Patricks Link to Slavery

Who was St. Patrick? I have to confess I didn't know. For many years I celebrated St. Patrick's Day much like everyone else by wearing green and/or lifting a drink with friends. It wasn't until today that I came to know the man after reading the translated version ofTHE CONFESSION OF ST. PATRICK...more

Dalhousie Dentistry School Scandal - Time for Accountability

The Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen Facebook group has become more public than its members intended. Through the media we have learned about misogynistic comments targeting female classmates and jokes about rape using sedatives. As Dalhousie University tries to deal with media and formulate a plan to address the complaints, the public uses social media to offer their own opinions. I have a combination of opinion and questions:1. What are we teaching our boys that they grow up to be disrespectful men?2. Is misogyny on the rise?...more

Women disrespecting Women

There is something that feels inherently wrong when I witness women disrespecting other women but it happens. We see it played on-screen, we read it online, we may have participated and have likely seen it in front of us. By all these accounts it may appear that kinship amongst women is eroding but is it really? or Are we still under the surface seeking support and recognition from each other?...more

Who's the real drug pusher?

She sat there with the drugs lined up before her. Nancy, (not her real name) appeared to have both a serious and pleasurable expression on her face as she popped each pill in her mouth. Pretty soon she was going to feel different,  not necessarily better but certainly different. After the last swallow of water she placed each cap back on the containers and then walked away to carry on with her day....more

Judge Orders Man To Wear Idiot Sign

Will wearing a shaming sign change a man's behaviour? I guess we will find out. An Ohio judge ordered a man to wear a sign saying he was an idiot for a week. The sign said,  "I apologize to officer Simone & all police officers for being an idiot calling 911 threatening to kill you. I'm sorry and it will never happen again."...more

Poor Mom and her House Cleaner

I was talking recently to someone who owns a house cleaning business.She is a smart woman who sees deep meaning in her work and that's despite attitudes that come from some of her clients. What stood out for me was just how poorly people can treat cleaning staff and how ludicrous some client's expectations can be. Then there are those that are passing along bad habits to their children....more

Shedding The Good Girl Image

Miley Cyrus was one of many poster girls for the innocence of childhood. She spent her young life nurturing an image that was identifiable to little girls and parent approved. Then like many of her predecessors there came a time when she needed to transition from girl to woman. For any of the rest of us that are not in the public eye this could be done slowly, getting to know ourselves, adjusting to the changes in our body and dealing with our feelings over time....more

With the abscence of manners

This post was inspired by a message back from a women whom I had been conversing with after seeing her classified ad about white wicker chairs and a rocking chair....more

Do Objects Carry Past Energy?

Do you believe that objects carry energy? There is a lot of people who would say, “Yes.” Many cultures consider carefully what passes between each other or what comes into their homes believing that both negative and positive energy can be retained within an object....more

FBI Raid Rescued Over 100 Children from Human Trafficking

Dubbed “Operation Cross-Country” the FBI in the United States launched a massive mission to rescue trafficked teens in 76 cities. Rescuing over 100 teens and a child as young as nine-years-old plus arresting 150 pimps was considered a success. With federal, state and local partnerships this 72 hour sting sent a message but this is just the tip of the iceberg....more
The people involved are steps ahead of law enforcement in part because persons in authority are ...more