Better yet drowning in debt: a story of broken healthcare and Lyme disease

Last IV treatment with a visit from Mona's friend Yael, who threw a fundraiser to help pay for some of Mona's medical bills in May 2011...more

Interview with a Khmer Rouge survivor: Cambodia

** This post originally appeared in the official blog of The 50 Women Project**  Follow us on twitter: @50womenprojectI waited to interview Oeum for months and I waited so patiently because I knew her story was a melange of tradegy, survival, reassurance and inspiration. Cambodian culture is quite unknown to me so I was naturally drawn to learn more....more

WEAVE: The artisan women on the Thai- Burma border

**This post originally appeared at, the official blog of The 50 Women Project.  There are two scarves on my desk....more

Advantage in Exile

This post originally appeared at the blog of The 50 Women Project I could not stay in that country club room a moment longer....more

After the Storm: A Croatian woman's experience working for UNHCR after the Balkan War

She stood in the middle of the field. The tall grass rising and delicately blowing with the rhythm of the silent wind. She stood still- unsure of what to do next. Why didn’t she see the signs- the signs reading: CAUTION: BEWARE OF LANDMINES....more

Connecting with the Editor: The Yemen Times

It was, undoubtedly, the nature of the article on the International Women’s Media Forum that I read about her which prompted me to contact her....more

A Monamorphosis: One woman's struggle with late stage Lyme disease

This post originally posted on the 50 Women Project blog:

The Great Veil Debate

Since today is the first day of the French Niqab ban , I wanted to share this piece appearing the in 50 Women Project blog last July about this issue and women's religious freedoms. Here it is- enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts!:The Great Veil debate ...more

Leap of faith: A young Saudi Arabian woman embraces destiny...

This post originally appeard in the 50 Women Project blog. Check it out today: Visit the website at ...more