Judgment: Maybe It's Not So Bad

We all like to think we're better than those people who judge others.Sometimes, the judging is right out in the open. It takes the form of celebrity gossip or comments on blog posts. Sometimes it's during chit chat with friends where we rip others apart with words, tearing them to shreds about the way they dress or the choices they've made. When I lived in the south, these types of conversations always included the words, "God bless her heart, but...". In the north, we don't add that disclaimer. No one here is blunting their claws before they swipe....more
 @cimorenegal It happens. I try to be less judgmental, too, but it sneaks up on me.more

The Books That Haunt Us

You know how you finish a book and you die a little inside? I'm not talking about just any book, but a great book, one you were so wrapped up in you read as you walked down the hall to the bathroom, willing to risk tripping over yesterday's toys because you couldn't tear your eyes away from the page. That book seeped into your soul. You thought about it right before you fell asleep and as soon as you woke up. You became the characters. You lived in the fictional world the author so expertly created....more
I'm going to have to add The Sisters Mortland and The Expected One to my list of must-read ...more

Bizarre Clutter Sentimental Mothers Keep

I de-cluttered my jewelry box and made a gruesome discovery. It seems I saved my sons' baby teeth. My two oldest boys are 12 and 7. They've lost over 20 baby teeth between them. And they were all in my jewelry box. I wasn't entirely shocked to find the teeth. I'd haphazardly been throwing them in there as part of my tooth fairy ritual for years. I feel a bit sentimental about my kids' baby teeth....more

The Game Where We Pretend to Be Mean to Each Other

My husband broke up what he thought was fighting amongst the group of four boys that wait for the school bus in front of our house each morning. It was evident, from our point of view, that feelings were getting hurt. When told they needed to stop being mean, one of the boys, age 7, looked at him with all seriousness and said, "We're just playing a game where we pretend to be mean to each other....more