This Is Part of Our Narrative

At times during her memoir, The Rules of Inheritance, Claire Bidwell Smith tells herself, and us, that a moment is part of her narrative. When it's something that she wants to remember, when it's something that she wants to feel, she marks it for remembrance. While I don't think it's anything that I've consciously thought of in that exact way, I knew exactly what she meant when she said it....more
The moment I found out I was pregnant for the very first time. The moment I realized that I had ... more

The College Question: Factoring in Money and Desire with the Future

The "to go or not to go" to college question is a big one for many families. For some, it's not an option: you go, you graduate, end of story. For others, especially for those with children who don't excel in school settings, the college question looms bigger -- and even more so when money is brought into question. Dina at Fries on Top has been struggling with these thoughts and shares what they've been dealing with as of late. ...more
It's interesting to note that this person refused to go to college, and ended up going through ... more