How To Survive Maleficent and Angelina Jolie Overexposure

I'm worried about us. Maleficent isn't scheduled to release until May 30, but we are already suffering from early warning signs of severe Jolie Overexposure. It's going to get worse in our fair kingdom before it gets better, dear ones. What are we going to do to survive this? ...more
I want to see it and I want to see it with you, Deb Rox, because I know you will return my  ... more

Marriage, Divorce and 'Parenthood:' Come ON, Joel and Julia

**Spoiler Alert: You might not want to read this if you aren’t current with Parenthood episodes**...more
JennaHatfieldThe whole thing was unethical (which that quote was supposed to highlight and poke ... more

Sinead O'Connor and a Bunch of Other Celebs Have Open Letters for You

Here's the thing. It's hard to talk about this Celebrity Open Letter Problem currently in the news without invoking She Who Is a Wrecking Ball But Must Not Be Named. A certain young performer who has taken to foam fingers and naked pica snacking while hanging out on construction sites is seeking news coverage every day, it seems, and I don't want to add to that....more
I love this so much. Let's start @mileystongue . more

Announcing: The 2013 BlogHer Voices of the Year!

Six weeks + 2,600 submissions + 15 committee members = The 2013 BlogHer Voices of the Year! (Affectionately known as #VOTY.)This year's VOTY submission process has been a magnificent journey through the hearts and minds of the blogosphere. We are so excited to honor these 100 bloggers -- writers, speakers, and artists, who have pushed us to think more, feel more, share more, and do more....more
The LINKING ALONE of this post is a huge job, not to mention the hoursAndhoursAndhours and ... more

It's Almost Time to Listen to Your Mother

It's almost here! Mother's Day! And with it, the Listen to Your Mother show (sponsored in part by BlogHer) in 24 cities across America. ...more
Thank you, Rita, and thank you BlogHer for the inspiration and especially for your continued ... more

Top Ten Success Tips For My 25-Year-Old Self

Dear 25-Year Old Self, As I am turning 50 soon, I feel that I can give you some excellent I’m-twice-your-age-youngster advice, with a bonus tip: Top Ten Lists have better Google juice. You’re welcome! Here we go, youngster. ...more
Funny, but also fantastic advice. more

Announcing the Voices of the Year '12 Honorees and Readers!

Today we are pleased and proud to announce the next group of people who will see that view for themselves. It's time to announce the final 2012 BlogHer Voices of the Year!...more
So much work--from the nominees, the judging committee, and the selection process. Many many ... more

Announcing: BlogHer '12 Party Plan!

We’re here with the BlogHer '12 Party Announcement! It seems like just yesterday we were in San Diego learning and playing, time does go by fast but before we take too much time thinking of the past I want to guide you to the future -- BlogHer ’12 Community Parties and More! ...more
Cannot WAIT!!!! Thank you BlogHer for inviting LTYM back for another fabulous Open Mic Salon!!! more

I Took A Stand at the Rose Bowl Game--and Why I'll Never Go Again

This year, against my better judgment, I went to my first Rose Bowl game. Let me be clear: I don’t like football. I went because my daughter’s team, the celebrated Oregon Ducks, with their “Quack Attack” offense and stylish Nike uniforms, were playing the Wisconsin Badgers. I went because my fine feminist daughter, despite all that I have taught her, is an unrepentant fan. ...more
What an awful experience. I would've been so angry. I'm glad you spoke up, I'm especially glad ... more

BlogHer Hires New Editor-in-Chief: Stacy Morrison

Since we launched this labor of love in 2006, the leadership provided by you all -- BlogHer's contributing editors, who have been joined now by section editors -- has been world class. As I wrote in this week's newsletter, I have long pointed to this site and the amazing voices of and elicited by our editors as proof of what was missing for, by, and with women in the print and broadcast newsrooms I left in order to go online in 1997. Brava and thank you. ...more
All these amazing women under one ever-expanding roof. Can it possibly get better? And yet I ... more