When The Image of Strength Becomes a Hindrance: Black Women, Sexual Harassment and Domestic Abuse

About twelve years ago when I used to partaay pretty hard, I was at a nightclub with a group of friends - back then we used to roll in packs of 10-15 and when we hit the dance floor we would always form a circle, taking up as much room as we could. One of my friends, I'll call her AM, would always eventually break from the pack, figuring that she would attract more male attention if she was dancing by herself. So she had gone off, still within eyesight. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this young man approach her and try to 'dance' - well actually it was more like 'dry hump' her. She pushed him away, and he got in her face, grabbing her by the arm. ...more

I recently did a show on Domestic Violence and I stated that the abuser doesn't always look ... more