New! Join and Create BlogHer Groups

Check it out! Another new social networking tool has been rolled out today in My BlogHer: BlogHer Groups! Groups that you can join. Groups that you can create. Be sure to use the search tools on the Groups page to look for groups you're interested in. You can search by topic or you can search by tag. If you don't see a group that really fits your interests, lifestyle, goals, or mood then you can create a group yourself. Here's an FAQ for creating a group ...more

Thanks, Denise for all the how-to's....  I learn so much from your posts. 


Will your child choose a glass of water over soda?

How much soda does your child drink? What about water? For many kids, drinking water is about as common as a vegetable platter for an after school snack. It's just not happening. So...Is an easy remedy for overweight kids water? A recent study suggests that it might be... Want to help your kids keep the weight off? Just give them water instead of soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks, researchers advised on Monday. ...more

Believe it or not, but my 2 kids (4yo and 2yo) actually prefer to drink ... more

From the Mouth of Babes

What does it feel like to have a mommy that works?   "Sometimes it makes me feel um…like, happy that my mom is going back to work and I try to be happy because I know that mommy is happy and whenever my mom is happy, I’m happy. But, sometimes, it feels um, … like I feel really upset that I don’t see my mom anymore and don’t like to be with babysitters.  When she comes home late and I don’t see her all day I try to hide my tears. ...more

Aww. That's just so sweet. I work from home now and I'm lucky in that sense, but I know that if ... more

An Interview with My 4-Year Old

A friend forwarded to me a set of questions that she asked her two kids and I thought I'd try to do the same with my 4-year old. 1. What is something Mommy always says to you?JOSH: Stop and I love you. ...more

(I actually have the original post on my blog, too.  I'm still trying to understand how ... more

searching for my blog in the directory ... but can't find it. :(

searching for my blog in the directory ... but can't find it. :( ...more
A week ago. Sorry, I'm being a bit of an eager beaver. :) more